10 common signs and symptoms of depression.

10 common signs and symptoms of depression:

What is depression?

Depression is a serious medical illness. Feeling down or feeling blue time to time or for a short period of time, is a normal part of life. It’s very normal to feel down sometimes but when it remains same for longer time and you feel hopeless and worthless and these feelings are not going away, then maybe you have depression.
When you have depression, everything changes, your way of thinking and the way you feel, you can’t function properly. It affects your working abilities, sleep, study routines and eating habits.

Signs and symptoms:

Signs and symptoms may vary from individual to individual but there are some common symptoms that are experienced by depressed person and do remember they can be part of normal life sadness but if you have more symptoms and they last longer, you may have depression.

10 common symptoms:

1.   Helplessness and Hopelessness: feeling of hopelessness and helplessness about everything. Thinking that nothing will be okay and no one can help you.
2.   Feeling sad: you started feeling sad, anxious or have empty mood persistently.
3.   No interest: lose interest in everything and every activity that once you enjoyed a lot like your hobbies, social activities etc.
4.   Laziness, fatigue, feeling slowed down: decreased energy and feeling slowed down without doing any work.
5.   Sleep problem: in depression, either you become insomniac or no proper sleep or waking up early hours of morning or maybe do oversleeping.
6.   Concentration problem: you feel difficulty focusing in any matter, taking decisions or doing any work.
7.   Irritability or aggressiveness: everything irritates you and every person is getting on your nerves, you become short tempered, irritated, aggressive and sometimes violent too.
8.   Feeling worthless: You blame yourself for every bad thing happened in your life whether it’s your fault or not. You think that your existence doesn’t matter and no one cares about you.
9.   Food intake:  either you start eating a lot and start gaining weight or you instantly lose weight because of insufficient food intake.
10. Suicidal thoughts: you start overthinking about every tiny thing. You think no one will listen to you or they will make fun of you and all these overthinking lead you to suicidal thoughts, which you think is the only option from where you can escape easily from your pain.
Treatment of depression: there are lots of treatment of depression that are namely mentioned below:
·         1. Medication 2Psychotherapy 3. Light therapy Or by natural ways.

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