CSS : An Introduction

Central Superior Services(CSS) : An Introduction

CSS gives you the opportunity of working in different government sectors. CSS officers are bureaucrats employed in BPS -17. They are given high protocols services and are held in High Status.

What is CSS?
CSS is central superior services examination which gives opportunities to candidates to get high profile government job, federal government(fpsc) takes examinations every year normally in February across the country. There is quota for every province set.

  • Sindh (Including Karachi) 19%
Sub-allocation will be done in Sindh province in the following manner:
Urban Areas, namely Hyderabad, Karachi and Sukkur 40% of 19% or 7.6%.
Rural Areas which is basically the rest of Sindh (Excluding Karachi, Hyderabad & Sukkur, 60% of 19% or 11.4%)
  • KPK 11.5 % 
  • Punjab (Including Federal Area of Islamabad) 50 %
  • Merit 7.5 %
  • Baluchistan 6 %
  • Northern Areas and FATA 4 %
  • Azad Kashmir 2%
Women Reserved Quota:
  • 10% Women quota will be observed.

There are written exams of 1200 marks out of six subjects are compulsory and other six are optional that needs to be chosen out of varying subjects group. One has to obtain the minimum percent of marks set in each paper as well as interview to pass CSS.

After written test the result is usually announced in October in the same year and the selected candidates are then required for Medical test and Viva voice/interview.

After you have cleared all the process, you will be allocated in the following departments,

  1. Pakistan Administrative Services
  2. Pakistan Customs Services
  3. Foreign Service of Pakistan
  4. Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan
  5. Information Services of Pakistan
  6. Military Lands & Cantonment Group
  7. Office Management and Secretariat Group
  8. Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  9. Postal Group
  10. Railways (Commercial & Transport) Group
  11. Police Service of Pakistan
  12. Commerce and trade Group

This allocation depends on your overall marks according to which one is allocated.
  • Benefits of CSS in Pakistan
  • A handsome amount of salary including perks and various allowances
  • Respect and Power
  • departments such as PSP and PAS are given accommodation and guard as well.
Doing CSS is very difficult, as it is having less than 3% passing ratio which is too low but one can always give a try and work hard enough to ace the success.

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