AFC 3 QM Feedback Questions in ICAP Examination

AFC 3 QM Most Repeated Questions in ICAP Examination

QM is a bit difficult subject at AFC level among all other afc subjects which can be seen by the average passing ratio which is between 45 to 65 percent.

This Paper consists of Business Maths and Statistics.

Quantitative Methods paper consists of hundred marks, all questions are objective based MCQs questions with marks of each question ranging from 1 to 3 and maximum questions in QM are 70.

You must learn all formulas of stats and business maths and be very clear about the requirements of the questions to ace this exam.

Make sure to attempt these questions in pdf before the icap exam day so as to make the best of it. It will surely help you to some extent.

Click to Download AFC 3 Quantitative Methods Most Repeated Questions in ICAP Examination

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