CAF 3 Business Law Study Material and Notes

CAF 3 Business Law Study Material and Notes

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Business Law is considered as the most difficult subject at caf level. It comprises of two components that are Mercantile law portion and Company Law portion.
The passing ratio of caf 3 paper is very low, below average and it is around 13 to 28 percent. This subjects requires a lot of learning, building concepts and cramming of the topics as well.
Therefore this subject needs a lot of attention which means that student needs to practice it well, not only learning but also practice of past papers is required so that a student is able to write good answers in examination.

If you know how to write law wordings then only you will able to pass this exam. Also since now the latest syllabus changes have brought thirty marks mcqs in this subject of which 15 Mcqs will be from mercantile law portion and 15 will be from company law portion so it is recommended to practice as much mcqs as possible to attain maximum marks in mcqs of business law.

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