CAF 4 BMBS Study Material

CAF 4 Business Management and Behavioral Studies Study Material

BMBS is a relatively easier subject than any other CA subjects although it requires a lot cramming of the topics since it is a kind of dry subject having a lot theories to remember.

Here we have made available for you the right resources, the secondary books after the study text of icap bmbs book which should be your top priority. These books however will be helpful for your easy understanding of the topics.

BMBS paper is of 100 marks with all theory based questions which also includes scenario based questions which needs application of the background and analysis of the scenario for its answer.

The passing ratio of this paper is between 30 to 50 percent so student needs to learn well in order to pass the icap examination of BMBS subject.

BMBS book by Sir Atif Abidi and Rise BMBS book in pdf form.
Just click the link to Download.

>> Download Sir Atif Abidi BOOK

>> Download Rise book here.

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