Caf 7 FAR 2 Notes and Study Material

Caf 7 FAR 2 Notes and Study Material

Financial Accounting and Reporting 2 is the third Accounting subject at CAF level. It requires a bit high level of understanding as students who opt it must have cleared IA and FAR 1 paper. So Icap thinks that now students have better understanding of the subject so therefore it tests a bit difficult yet understandable topics for students. The syllabus of this subject is very lengthy.

FAR 2 has an average passing ratio usually around 30 to 50 percent so students need to give time to the subject and therefore a lot of practice is required to ace the icap examination.

Financial Accounting and reporting 2 all study notes and resources in one place.
Practice questions with solutions, all relevant IAS,IFRICS and IFRS notes are available to download.

Click the link below to download the study material of FAR 2 which will definitely be of of great use for preparation of icap examination.

>>>> Download FAR 2 Study Resources <<<<

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