CMA CAF 8 Notes and Study Resources

CMA CAF 8 Notes and Study Resources

Costing is one of the most technical subject at caf level, requires a lot of conceptual understanding and is a bit lengthy in terms of Syllabus. Also it is considered to be very difficult by students.
Passing average of students in this paper is around thirty to forty five percent.

CAF 8 all notes compiled by different teachers at one place.
These notes are by Sir Azeem and Sir Adnan Rashid.

They have made these in a way to make sure that the topics are easy to understand for students thus are way too beneficial so one must take a look at them for their preparation of icap final examination of Cost and Management Accounting(CAF 08).

Just click on the the link given below to find out the pdf version of their notes at one place available to download.

>>>  Download CMA Resources  <<<

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