AFC Examination Result Autumn 2020

AFC Examination Result Autumn 2020
(Important Information).

Icap has made made Announcement to declare the icap afc level result of autumn 2020 which were taken online from home under their surveillance back in August 2020.
Icap message was this mentioned below,
> AFC Examination – Autumn 2020 (August)
Dear Examinees,
Result of AFC Examination – Autumn 2020 (August) will be announced on 2 September 2020.

Icap will announce result on the above mentioned date and you will be sent a message of pass or fail, usually this message is received in morning between 8:30 to 9 am.
Also Icap uploads students result on their website therefore if student does not get the message, they can check on their student portal login area.
Also Students can message Icap for result information, for this candidate needs to ‘Write a Message’ in their smart phone by typing in the following format: ICAP <space> Roll No + Date-of-Birth (ddmmyy) and send it to 8282. For instance, if a candidate’s Roll No is 0123456 and date of birth is January 13, 1980 then he would write ICAP 0123456130180 and send it to 8282. Each message will cost around Rs.5 + GST. This service is available to users of all mobile services in Pakistan only.
Further result of afc examination will be available in the result area of icap website in pdf form showing the results of all the candidate therefore one can look out there as well.
For checking result in pdf form, click on link below.

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