CA Pakistan Subjects Selection Made Easy.

CA Pakistan Subjects Selection Made Easy (CAF Level).

CA is a professional certification which empowers professionals to lead in any industry whatsoever.
Since Ca is such a powerful qualification not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Also Ca qualifieds have the highest employability ratio.

Today I will be discussing about different subject selection options at CAF Level.

> First combination is that to follow Icap's pattern that is opt for caf 1, caf 2 and caf 3. This combination is most suitable for the one's who are regular students who usually do not have any kind of exemptions or they have background of studies other than commerce.

> Other three subjects Combination can be:
Either of the following,
- caf 4,5,6
- caf 1,2,5
- caf 1,2,6
- caf 2,3,5
- caf 2,3,6 ( A lot of theory subjects are not recommended).
- caf 6,7,8
- caf 7,8,9
- caf 6,7,9
These above mentioned combinations are best suited for those having any exemption from A levels or any university.

> Four subjects can also be opted if a student can manage well however it becomes a bit difficult to handle and also student may take a lot of stress.
Below are some of the best combinations for the students willing to opt for 4 subjects at caf level,
- caf 2,3,5,6
- caf 1,2,3,4
- caf 5,6,7,8 ( a lot of accounting related subjects in one attempt is not recommended).
- caf 6,7,8,9
- caf 3,5,6,8

> Five subjects can also be opted but this is at your own risk because it is very difficult to handle at once therefore it is not recommended at all.

Good subject selection is a factor that should be considered because it is going to determine a lot for you in future when exams would be near.

Also it is recommended to opt 1 Computational subject and 2 Theoretical Subjects or vice versa, never go for all theory or all accounting subjects unless only these subjects are left to be attempted.

Hope this is helpful.

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