IBA vs CA, Which is better in Pakistan?

IBA Karachi vs CA, Which is better in Pakistan?

Iba is a very renowned institute not only in Karachi but also all over Pakistan. It has a great campus having a fully furnished infrastructure, having quality education. They have expert teachers who have strong grip on the subject matters. Further Iba helps to nurture students by arranging seminars, entrepreneural events, and other mega events which helps them in boosting the confidence level of their students. Also they gain a lot of exposure through these activities, therefore students do get an edge over here than by going for in any other university.

Iba graduates are lucky enough to get jobs easily with a market competitive salary. Now the real talk here is whether on should go for Iba Karachi or Chartered Accountancy, now being said that I will first compare all their programs other than Accounting and Finance so If we talk about doing either bba or bs in social sciences/eco/ecomath/cs from Iba then I would say that totally depends on your interest because if you want to consider fields other than accounting than go for Iba, it is actually one of the best option for sure considering fees is not the limiting factor.

BSAF from Iba vs CA

Now the real topic of this blog post is whether one should go for BSAF i.e Accounting and finance or CA from Icap. Icap is a renowned institute of Pakistan that does not need any introduction, Ca is considered as empowering qualification.

CA is actually of 5.5 years considering that student passes his all papers in the very first attempt which is a bit difficult. Most students return back to any other qualification in their half way considering its quality/Standard of education.

BSAF from Iba can be a better option because since Iba and Icap has an MoU signed between them that Icap would provide exemptions to graduates of Iba having BSAF degree with upto 13 papers exemptions which means that both Level 1 and Level 2 of CA would be cleared without a need to give exams of CA. Students of Iba Karachi having relevant degree would be directly eligible for Articleship and that too of three years rather that 3.5 years articleship by a full time student of Icap.

Final Thoughts

Therefore in my opinion I would suggest opting for Iba program BSAF and after that go for CA, it can definitely turn out to be the best option however it should definitely be kept in mind that Iba karachi charges a lot of money while doing CA is not that expensive, also if one believes that he/she can pass the papers of Icap easily with hard work and determination then CA could turn out to be a better option for them because they can do CA in a period of 5.5 years which means that student can save upto 1.5 years time as well a lot of money that would have spent by going to Iba.
Choice is all yours, choose wisely; best of luck.

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