O level books in pdf form for O2 Pakistan

Following books are available to download in pdf form.
Download o level books of Urdu, Pakistan History, Islamiyat and geography of Pakistan by most renowned authors. These  are some of the authorised books. 
These books will help in preparation of your o levels examinations.


O Level Urdu (2015-2016) Syllabus A Paper 1 by Dr. Saeed Nadim Jafar
O Level Urdu (2015-2016) Syllabus A Paper 2 by Dr. Saeed Nadim Jafar
Mastering O LEVEL Islamiyat by Muhammad Bilal Aslam

The Environment of Pakistan by Huma Naz Sethi

Cambridge IGCSE Geography 2nd Edition by Paul Guinness, Garrett Nagle