Best A levels Colleges in Karachi

Best A levels Colleges in Karachi

It is indeed a very tough decision to choose which A level college to get into right after doing A levels. So here I have made easy for you to choose, below is a list of some of the best A level Colleges/Schools to get admission into in Karachi.

1. Karachi Grammar School (College Section)

2. Lyceum School

3. Nixor College 

4. The City School PAF chapter

5. Beaconhouse school PECHS campus

6. Cedar College

7. Foundation Public School 

8. Dawood Public School 

9. Southshore College

10. Generations School

Note: Karachi Grammar school and Lyceum do not offer any scholarship to students and are very expense however other A levels colleges are also costly but provides merit scholarships to students which is very helpful.

These are some of the best A levels schools/colleges in karachi in my perspective, students can definitely look for them when choosing which college to opt for A levels.

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