CA vs Acca, 'Which is better in Pakistan'?

 CA vs Acca, 'Which is better in Pakistan'?

CA and Acca are both accountancy qualifications that are quite similar in syllabus however CA has even more detailing and so is more difficult than Acca.


Talking about Acca, Acca is a leading accounting qualification that is based in UK and is recognized all around the world. By doing Acca, candidates can get a lot of priveliges in foreign countries however in Pakistan, Acca is not given that much preference in Pakistan due to high competition in the job market due to higher availability of qualifieds from CA, ICMAP, CIMA, BSAF etc.

Acca can be done after Intermediate/A levels however it can also done after O levels/Matric but one would have to do a foundation diploma then. Acca is 3.5 years certification and to be a member of Acca fraternity students would have to complete a mandatory 3 years training.

Acca have around 13 papers which needs to passed in order to qualify. Acca papers are computerized examination, that usually has more focus on developing knowledge so they test more objectives.

Also Acca has an affiliation with Oxford Brookes University which is a top notch foreign university and students can get a foreign degree too while still in Acca. Therefore it also makes one more option for students who may be willing to opt for CSS.

Now, Talking about CA we know that it is difficult certification but not impossible and it is a very worthy qualification. CA's are seen on top positions all around the country and also in foreign organisations. CA has a lot of worth in Pakistan as well as abroad. CA qualifieds usually get a very good salary pakage.

CA however is a very long certification of 5.5 years that may take even longer, consists of 3.5 years training. CA has a total of 21 papers. One only gets a degree after he/she has completed CA that means that you get no other option.

One can opt for bcom along with CA to get a degree.

Both CA and Acca are good fields however it depends upon students as to what are their plans about future.

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