CA vs CSS, Which is better in Pakistan?

CA vs CSS, Which is better in Pakistan?

Chartered Accountancy is a premium qualification that empowers to lead. Both CA and CSS are considered to be extremely difficult yet doable.

CA is however a long qualification of 5.5 years that even takes more than regular time period. However one needs to complete graduation in order to appear for css exams i.e. bba,bcom etc. CA takes you to different fields related to commerce such as accounting, auditing, tax etc. CA has a very high employability ratio due to high demand, their salary is also quite high usually more than civil servants.

CSS however has got a lot of privileges as civil servants get security guard, accomodation, vehicle and many other benefits. CSS has twelve different departments, if aspirant qualifies css then he/she can go to different departments such as audit and accounts, public administration, police and more.

CSS has a pass ratio of around 2 to 3 percent, while aspirants appearing for css exams are usually more than 15000. 

The decision to do CA or CSS can be based on one's own willingness and interest. Students must make a decision early when they are in intermediate or A levels.

So, the question remains which is better in Pakistan?

Both are actually very good and have a lot of demand in Pakistan. CSS requires a one time preparation however CA requires constant hard work over a long period of time. Similarly by doing CA one can easily work abroad due to high demand outside Pakistan however by doing CSS one performs his/her duties only in Pakistan. Civil Servants however gets more status and recognition and people expect more from them. Civil servants are expected to contribute more towards society. Both CSS and CA qualifieds usually work on various top positions at different places.

It is your decision to choose as to what suits you best.

Best of luck!!

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