Suggested List of Firms for CA Articleship

Suggested List of Firms for CA Articleship in Pakistan

This is a list of suggested firms in which ca or acca training is recommended in Pakistan. ICAP requires 3.5 years of training whereas acca students are required to complete 3 years of training. Also some other qualifications are also required to complete training to become a member such as ICMAP.

The list includes BIG 4 firms as well as many other good firms in which candidates can apply for their training. However applicants must try to get in to Big 4 if not then they can apply in any other firm listed below.

Big 4 firms include:

  • Pwc(AF Fergusons)
  • KPMG
  • EY
  • Delloitte

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Other QCR Rated Firms ⬇

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