A heartfelt note shared by Shabbar Zaidi, Ex Chairman FBR.

A heartfelt note shared by Shabbar Zaidi, Ex Chairman FBR. Shabbar Ziadi is a top notch Chartered Accountant who worked with very big names of the country.

This is what Shabbar Zaidi, the top accountant and taxman, has to say about our politicians - all our politicians.

In trying not to become second class citizens of the first world, we have become third class citizens of a third world country!

Dear All. 

When I look at the declared wealth of MNAs in newspaper today I thought that I wasted by life as far as earning is concerned. 

I remained a Partner of the largest accounting firm from 1995 to 2014. And Senior Partner from 2014 to 2019. The firm was the largest taxpayer accounting firm in the country. Our

 next was almost half of us in taxes. 

My father was an ‘Actuary’ and the grandfather was an ICS. My maternal grandfather was PM of State of Bharatpur (Rajputana) 

I do not understand why my forefathers opted for Pakistan. I think it was a ‘mission’  of my grandfather not a logical and rational decision. But that is history. 

I served as Chairman FBR and miserably failed. Pro bono. I was given every honour that can be given by this country. But my economics failed in relation to other ‘respectable’ person in this country. 

Without knowing the details I feel that this country can never be better in this state of affairs. 

All corruptions are intrinsically personal. Wealth Statement is the test. 

I can assure that actual personal taxes by all the billionaire MNAs will be less definitely less than mine. But my net wealth is less than one tenth  or twentieth of the lowest . 

They know some ‘tax planning’ which I do not understand. 

It is state sponsored corruption. 

No one is to be blamed. I was given a chance but I failed. No complaint. 

Nevertheless I am satisfied. I am answerable to Almighty as I have fulfilled His commands but not answerable to fellow human beings as in this case I tried my best. I hope I will be comfortable in my grave. I don’t know about Heaven or Hell. But the grave is a reality. 

ہر داغ ھے اس دل مین بجر داغ ندامت

My suggestion for correction is not any more think tank or committees. 

It is more and more information to public at large. Society if well informed is always very ruthless whilst dealing with its interest. 

This is not a personal story. 

This is the reason of immigration of talent amongst upper middle class who do not happen to own land. Be it Jati Umra or Rato Dero. Be it a Sindhi or Punjabi speaking. 

When one generation makes a mistake the following suffers. We will not repeat the history. Now rights will be snatched if not voluntarily provided. This is another lesson of history. It is only a matter of time. I pray it to be bloodless. A case study.


Shabbar Zaidi

It is indeed a very sad message and we hope Pakistan gets better in terms of its tax system and economy by taking suitable measures.

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