AFC 02 Business Communication Autumn Attempt Feedback 2020

This is the AFC 02 Business Communication Autumn Attempt that is August Exam Feedback 2020.

1. Language and semantic barriers to listening can be avoided if the listener?

a. Provide feedback to speaker

b. Maintains eye contact

c. Repeats the main point

d. Remains objective and professionals


2. Which of the following statements contains the highest degree of clarity?

a. A statement of your overdue account would be forwarded to you shortly

b. The raison d’etre for refusal of my application for small business loan that not been

Provided to me

c. We will discuss the issue of non-performing loans on 25 December 2014 at 12:00 p.m. in my office.


3. Failure to elicit a prompt response to a message by the recipient may be attributed to?

a. Failure on the part of the recipient to pay adequate message

b. Lack of recipient knowledge

c. Lack of credibility or personal dislike of recipient on message

d. All of above


4. Which of the following sequences of communication networks best describe the dissemination of information from slowest to fastest?

a. Y network, circle network, chain network

b. Circle network, chain network, y network

c. Y network, chain network, circle network

d. Circle network, y network, chain network


5. Video conferencing is frequently used for?

a. Internal meetings between groups of employee

b. Disseminating information to staff by management

c. Communication with customers and suppliers

d. Both a and b


6. Once the message is encoded in a desired format it is transferred through a?

a. Medium of communication

b. Channel of communication

c. Process of communication

d. Means of communication


7. Which of the following indicates the feelings of a result oriented listener if a speaker unduly prolongs his statements?

a. frustrated

b. unfocussed

c. both a and b

d. none


8. Which of the following is the best ending of a business letter?

a. Your’s sincerely

b. Your sincerely

c. Yours’ sincerely

d. Yours sincerely


9. The effectiveness of vertical communication may be impaired if?

a. The subordinates consider that seniors would not be interested in the opinions of subordinates

b. Subordinates are given access to confidential information

c. Subordinates are not capable enough to understand the complexity of business

d. All of the above


10. Which of the following is not an advantage oral communication over written communication?

a. Oral communication is less costly

b. Oral communication facilitates immediate feedback

c. This is less possibility of distortion of information in oral communication

d. There is greater flexibility in oral communication


11. A …… is a media file that can be downloaded from internet?

a. Podcasting

b. Email

c. Blogs


12. Which of the following helps in building good relationship?

a. Result oriented

b. People oriented

c. Info oriented

d. Future oriented


13. A communication pertained employee turned over?

a. external

b. internal

c. secondary

d. Both a and b


14. An unauthorized access to your computer or network is called…?

a. Hacking

b. Offence

c. Theft

d. Virus


15. Social networks connect people at?

a. High cost

b. Low cost

c. Medium cost

d. Very high cost


16. The documents, images and resources on World Wide Web are interrelated by hyperlinks and referenced time through unique …?

a. IP Address

b. Systems

c. Web addresses

d. Browsers


17. Virtual dedicated server is also known as?

a. Virtual service provider

b. Virtual service center

c. Virtual private center

d. Private server


18. Website is made by/on…?

a. Web page

b. Web server

c. On hosting

d. hyperlinks


19. Spamming of email mean?

a. Helpful emails

b. Unwanted advertisement emails

c. Junk like emails


20. Information oriented listeners…?

a. Prefer to build a complete picture by collecting and consolidating information to reach the decisions…?

b. Assume a highly sympathetic posture of all types of speakers

c. Become frustrated when speaker provide details to elucidate their viewpoints

d. Both a and b


21. The main purpose of effective business communication is…?

a. Plan and control operations more effectively

b. Have better coordination between people and groups in organizations

c. Both a and b

d. Hold meetings of board directors at regular interval.


22. All necessary components are packaged into a single piece of equipment are called?

a. Dedicated system

b. Desktop system

c. Dedicated web hosting


23. Is it beneficial to companies who require something unusual in their web software and also enhanced security?

a. Root access

b. Standard webhosting

c. Colocation

d. Free webhosting


24. IP address connect to the internet and consist of four sets of numbers from…?

a. 0-256

b. 0-355

c. 0-155

d. 0-255


25. In email, use of …… letters should be done sparingly?

a. Small letter

b. Medium letter

c. Capital

d. All of above


26. A message sent through email is automatically deleted if it is more than…?

a. 10 mb

b. 20 mb

c. 15 mb

d. 35 mb


27. Business report is usually ….. than memos and letters?

a. inferior

b. larger

c. better

d. shorter


28. The usual approach is to present the … at the beginning of the report?

a. Sender name

b. Whole story

c. End of the story

d. Receivers name


29. Which of the following is the component of proposals?

a. Time schedule

b. cost

c. summary

d. all


30. Due diligence is an example of?

a. Short report

b. Routine report

c. Special report

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