AFC 04 IT feedback autumn attempt 2020

AFC 04 IT feedback questions of autumn attempt 2020 are available below, students must attempt them in order to make their practice even better.

1. Which one is wireless?

A) Keyboard

B) Mouse

C) Touchpad

D) All of above (ans)


2. Which statement is correct?

A) Data on RAM erased after restart (ans)

B) Data is not lost in volatile memory, if the power doesn’t remain intact.

C) Both a and b

D) None of these.


3. In which one of the following, we can edit, rename, move copy and delete files?

A) Internet explorer

B) Windows explorer (ans)

C) MS Office

D) Control panel


4. How to format a USB?

Ans. using right click and “format”.


5. How impact printer works?

Ans. by striking the head or needle against ink ribbon to mark paper


6. Disk format command in DOS is:

A) NSlookup.


C) FORMAT (ans)

D) Right clickFORMAT.


7. Five Essential parts of central processing unit are:

A) input, output, storage, CPU, RAM.

B) Ram, Rom, ALU, Buses, Control Unit.

C) Ram, Registers, Buses, ALU, Control Unit (ans).

D) none of these.


9. Which one is optional in VLOOKUP syntax?

Ans. Range Lookup


12. What can be done in a shared workbook?


13. How can you rotate shape to 90° angle in power point while text remain flat:

A) Go to 3-D rotation select keep text flat Z:90(ans)

B) Go to 3-D rotation select keep text flat Y:90

C) Go to 3-D rotation select keep text flat X:90

D) Both a and b.


14. How to Export data to text file?

A) Text Wizard.

B) Existing Connections.

C) SaveAsSaveAs typeText (ans).

D) both b and c.

15. Shortcut to insert Line Break is…

A) ctrl+ enter.

B) alt+ enter.

C) Wrap Text.

D) Both b and c.


16. Can different colors be applied in text in a cell?

17. Which of the following is correct?

A. (Wrong statement given)

B. Buses are information pathways of CPU (ans)

C. (Wrong statement given)

D. RAM is a component of CPU.


18. Which function is correct? (4 IF functions were given)


19. Print shortcut is

A) ctrl+ P

B) F2

C) both a and b(ans)

D) alt + P


20. Shortcut to Centre Align a paragraph?

A) ctrl+ C

B) ctrl+ E (ans)

C) alt+ C

D) shift+ J


21. What does CAPTION do?


22. Which one is not available in Watermark options?

A) Vertical (ans)

B) Horizontal

C) Diagonal

D) none of these.


23. A section break once inserted can be removed by?

Ans. clicking on show/hide button and then removing the section break by pressing delete key twice.


24. In MS Word, Table of Contents is created by:

(a) Using the built-in heading styles (ans).

(b) Applying the font size and style from Font group on the Home tab

(c) Using table Style Options in the Table Tools Design tab

(d) Both (a) and (b)


25. Which can be applied simultaneously?

Ans. strike through and superscript (ans)


26. Use of auto fit function.


27. In slide show option, you can choose

A) With narration

B) Without animation

C) Loop continuously until Esc

D) All of above (ans).


28. Which of the following you can’t do in a protected workbook?

A) Insert rows or columns

B) Delete rows or columns

C) Insert rows if cells are lock

D) Delete columns if cells are unlock (ans).


29. We have to copy comments from cell to another. After copying do ……… destination?

A) Ctrl + Shift + V Press C + Press Enter

B) Paste special by clipboard then press C Then press Enter

C) Alt + Shift + V Press C + Press Enter

D) Both b and c (ans)


29. Conditional Formatting Highlight cell values < 50 which will be included?

A) 49.9

B) 50

C) 0

D) Both a and c (ans)


30. Maximum levels in table of contents

A) 3

B) 9 (ans)

C) Depends on system memory

D) 2


31. Which of the following is true regarding bibliography?

A) Before insertion of bibliography inserting source and citation is necessary

B) Source

C) Both a & b


32. Max number of columns in MS word?

A) 63 (ans)

B) 22

C) Depends on system memory

D) 3224


33. The comparison of runs scored by two teams can be done in Power Point

( it is already done through line graph)

A) Pie chart

B) Any Other Chart

C) Surface Chart


34. Which of the following is true regarding Condition Formatting?

Ans. Exceptional values can be highlighted using colors as well as arrows.


35. In protect worksheet hidden cells

A) Cannot be changed

B) Cannot format

C) Can neither format nor change


36. Slide Transition can be applied to

A) Available slide

B) All slide at once

C) To single slide, selected slides, all slides (ans)


37. When a workbook is given digital Signature

A) It becomes read only and no one can edit it

B) It will remain with the signature even if the cells are formatted

C) It is no longer a Protected when cells are formatted.

38. Which is correct?

A) Rom is part of bios chip (ans)

B) Rom stores data which is currently being used

C) Ram clearers when we restart the computer


39. Which is correct?

A) MICR produces economic output (ans)

B) OMR produces expensive output

C) Barcodes are slow but accurate

D) OCR can produce accurate results even if picture is of low quality


40. How to add tags?

Ans. By Details Tab on Properties


41. How to add line break?

A) Wrap text

B) Alt + W

C) Alt + Enter (ans)

C) Both a and c


42. How many maximum level heading in table of contents?

A) 9(ans)

B) 7

C) 3

D) 11


43. Which is not true?

Ans. Different slide transitions cannot be applied to different slides in a presentation.


44. Word automatically updates cross reference?

Ans. The pact which is valuable is updated.


45. How data can be transformed form Excel to word?

A) Through copying data in excel and paste in word

B) By importing excel sheet in word

C) Both a and b (ans)

D) None of the above


46. In Word table we can shift cells in which direction?

A) Left direction

B) Right direction

C) Both a and b

D) In any direction


47. In word convert text to table is through?

A) Comma

B) Tab

C) Paragraph

D) All of the above


47. An endnote is added at.

A) End of page

B) End of document (answer in general)

C) Both a and b

D) None of the above


48. Which is not option in Character spacing?

A) Normal

B) Condenser

C) Kernoy

D) Expanded


49. Which is correct?

Ans. In Watermark both Pic and text can’t be added simultaneously in a document.


50. Custom slide show allows to?

A) Rearrange the slide

B) Include hidden slide but doesn’t show it while slide show

C) Both a and b

D) None of the above.

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