Best Techniques to follow for Precis Writing

A precis is a summary and precis writing means summarizing. A precis is the gist or main theme of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. it should include all essential points.

STEPS to ace preci writing.....

1.  Read the passage carefully to get a general idea of its meaning focusing on its subject. 

What is said about the subject ? 

Ask youself what is it I am reading ?

What does the author mean ?

What is his subject ?

What is he saying about it ?

2. Mostly you are asked tp provide a title for the passage. this is a good stage to decide it. the title should be short summing up the main theme of the passage.

3. Read the passage again slowly this time underlining the important details for words that are difficult try to figure out their contextual meanings from within the passage.


1- In precis writing you are not suppose to give your own opinion.

2- The precis must be in simple english and must be in your own words.

3- The precis must be coherant whole i.e all the sentences must be connected so that the passage as a whole makes sense and conveys its full meaning.

4- The summary must be one third of the origonal passage.

5- If there are reasons, Arguments, explainations try to shorten them in simple language. you should know how to squeeze the ocean into a battle.

6- Avoid extra information, unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, words that are repeated and eliminate eliminate alustration and example. in summary writing do not beat about the bush. never tell cock and bull stories but you must learn the art of hitting the bulls eye.

7- Avoid picturization but if it is too long and unavoidable then select the most important details.

8- Use past tense indirect speech and third person pronoun.


A good summary has three parts

1- TITLE :  

Whether you have been asked or not you must give a suitable title to your summary. the title must have three qualities.

a: must be short not more than 4 or 5 words.

b: it must represent the central theme.

c: it must be in inverted commas.

2- BODY: 

the entire summary must be one third of the origonal passage including the words of the title.

3- END:

You must write the total words the total words at end of your summary in brackets.

Precis Writing Tips BY: (A-DIL).....

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