David Prowse, Actor Dies aged 85

The Man behind Darth Vader in the star wars franchise dies aged 85 followed by a short illness.

The death of Prowse was confirmed by his agent Thomas Bowington on Saturday night to The Hollywood Reporter. The sad news of demise was also shared on Twitter, announcing his passing with "great regret and heart-wrenching sadness for us and million of fans around the world." by Bowington Management.

Thomas Bowington said: “May the force be with him, always!”

His agent referred to Prowse as a hero, despite playing one of the film world’s most popular villains. Further he said “Though famous for playing many monsters — for myself, and all who knew Dave and worked with him, he was a hero in our lives.” 

He portrayed himself in some of the great movies and this is yet another sad news before 2020 and we don't know what more has to come to our way before 2020 ends, recently we noticed the death of one of the greatest footballer Diego Maradona.

Pray for the departed soul.

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