Deloitte leaves Pakistan, No More big 4

Deloitte leaves Pakistan, No More big 4, now only 3 bigs firms are operating in Pakistan that are Af Ferguson (pwc), KPMG and EY.

Deloitte leaving Pakistan is a very sad news for Pakistan as it is a very big firm. Also due to Deloitte leaving from here, there is also now less opportunities available for ca, acca trainee students to apply to. The employment would also be negatively impacted from this decision of Deloitte leaving Pakistan.

Although Deloitte, Yousuf Adil now would operate under the name Yousuf Adil but that would not have a good recognition in the global world. 

The reasons of Deloitte leaving Pakistan is still not revealed, the reasons assumed are lack of good clients, costs higher than profit, tax issues, legal issues etc. Therefore the reason behind leaving from Pakistan is still unclear and yet to be made clear.

However whatever the reason of leaving, it has made the remaining firms now BIG 3 more powerful due to lesser competition than before. Also this has made it even more difficult for finance students to get appointed there.

Still there is one good thing that came out of it is that firms like Grant Thornton and others top 10 firms would now have a more strong position in the market as they might be able to get more clients. Further the students of CA may not run for BIG 3 now and would work in the other good firms.

However being positive I really hope that Deloitte in future returns back to Pakistan.

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