International Accounting day: A day to celebrate

Did you know 10th of November is set to be International Accounting Day.

Similar to any other day like father,mother,labor etcetera, this day is set for accountants who work in a lot of pressure situation meeting deadlines.

People all around the celebrate this day, just saying but yes there is an exclusive day for accountants which is indeed a very good thing. It makes accountants more proud of their profession. 

The very first accounting day was celebrated back in 1972. 

Accounting has a very significant role in not only business organizations but also in developing economies too. The proper book keeping system, the proper tax accounting helps in avoiding any kind of future Hassel.

Accounting helps organizations to make much stronger decisions, helps to determine future outcome of a particular plan. Also accounting helps in determining the most efficient methods for reducing the costs and increasing the profitability of businesses.

Even with the rapidly increasing technology, Accounting is a foremost subject that has kept it's demand high.

Accounting jobs however are a bit tough. Therefore this day is recognized and celebrated to honour this profession.

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