Trump vs Biden, Who is going to rule?

The competition of votes between Donald Trump and Biden is very fierce. Both the candidates for the post of President of United States of America are receiving a very high number of votes making a very close competition.

US citizens are voting a lot for Trump even after his first tenure as a president is over. His policies had affected Usa citizens very badly too such as matters related to coronavirus and taxes were somewhat not dealt properly resulting in a lot loss for people in USA.

So back to the topic here, Who is gonna get to the throne of President. Will Biden be able to get to the top or Trump is yet to rule again.

Well this all truly depends on the majority citizens as what they think is right.

There are chances that Biden may be able to dominate the voting percentage, however you never know anything can happen, just as in case of last time when Hillary Clinton was thought to be the favorite for the seat of President. Yet Trump beat her against all odds.

The wait is almost over and soon you will get to know the right one for USA.


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