Whatsapp Pay introduced in India but why not Pakistan?

Whatsapp has launched a whatsapp Pay feature for India. Now it would be easy for people to transfer any fund to friends, family or any other person by using that feature.

This is a great feature as it will be revolutionising the payment system in India. Whatsapp after 2.5 years of its beta version has successfully launched this feature with the approval from authorities. WhatsApp has made its payments service feature built by a coalition of major large banks in India. This feature is restricted to 20 million users currently.

This would be direct competition to Google Pay and Samsung Pay in India however whatsapp payment service seems to have more influence and has huge potential.

While this service is released in India but not in Pakistan. Why services like these do not operate in Pakistan, even we do not have Paypal in our country which makes it very difficult especially for freelancers to take any payment. Also such big companies do not have any interest in Investing here in Pakistan although, pakistan has alot of population which means huge potential due to high number of customers.

The problem here in Pakistan is because of corruption, banning culture now a days, tax issues, and finally the bad reputation of Pakistani People. 

Whatsapp pay if introduced in Pakistan, would have a great profitability here too however I wish it happens in future and the efforts made by our current government can be recognised by international investors.

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