Important General Knowledge question and answers

Some of the Important General Knowledge question and answers that one should know of are shared, the following information is usually and mostly tested in gk tests and also higher level examinations such as css, ias, pms and any other examination that tests general knowledge.

Basically this is a list of most important frequently asked mcqs that test basic knowledge of the candidate that how much, the candidate is aware of the worldly knowledge. It is better to learn most of them as these would be really helpful for students gk.

The good thing here is that general knowledge questions with answers are also available..

(1) How many rings on the Olympic flag?

Ans : Five

(2) King Zog ruled which country?

Ans : Albania

(3) Which country grows the most fruit?

Ans : China

(4) Which car company makes the Celica?

Ans : Toyota

(5) Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

Ans : Microsoft

(6) Who wrote the Opera Madam Butterfly?

Ans : Puccini

(7) Broccoli belongs to what family of plants?

Ans : Cabbage

(8) The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country in the period of 1950-1960?

Ans : Kenya

(9) Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons

Ans : Switzerland

(10) A pearmain is what type of fruit?

Ans : Apple

(11) What flower is the symbol of secrecy?

Ans : Rose

(12) Which African country was founded by Americans?

Ans : Liberia

(13) What was the name of Isaac Newton's dog - caused fire in lab?

Ans : Diamond

(14) What is the worlds tallest grass?

Ans- Bamboo

Question (16) What is the full form of NASA?

Answer:- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Question (17) What is the full form of ESA?

Answer:- European Space Agency.

Question (18) Which service is used for sending or receiving mail on the internet?

Answer:- Email.

Question (19) The term known as the electric meeting is what?

Answer:- Teleconferencing.

Question (20) What do you mean by IP address?

Answer:- Internet protocol.

Question (21) What do you mean by modem?

Answer:- This is the combined device for modulation and demodulation.

Question (22) Who set up the dual system of administration in Bengal?

Answer:- Robert Clive.

Question (23) Who give the first call of ‘India for Indians’ for Swarajya?

Answer:- Dayanand Saraswati.

Question (24) Who established a trading post in 1612 at Gujarat?

Answer:- British.

Question (25) What was the year of Regulating Act?

Answer:- In 1773.

These were just 25 gk quiz questions however incase you want to gain more general knowledge, below are some hyperlinks for more general knowledge questions and answers so just click on them:

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