International Tea Day is celebrated on 15th December?

International Tea Day was celebrated on 15th of December every year however united nations changed this date from 15th of December to 21st May back in 2019. International Tea Day is celebrated since 2005 all around the world, first celebrated in New Delhi.

Tea is very much liked by almost every one and mostly in the Asian subcontinent people can not survive a day without tea.

China is being one of the major exporter of the tea making billions of dollars from the tea business only.

In pakistan and india, the tea is taken on breakfast at first and then at any time of the day. Usually people take tea to freshen up especially those having office jobs.

Tea also has several health benefits like improving immune system, help in weight loss etc.

Students also sit with their friends on tea stalls and cafes to discuss issues they face and sharing of different ideas.

International Tea Day is celebrated just like any other day. This day is actually for all the tea lovers out there.

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