Tehsildar Mcqs for ppsc exam

Some of the Tehsildar Mcqs are listed below:

1. Opposite of exotic? Nearby

2. Opposite of haughty? Humble

3. Opposite of commend?criticized or customized

4. Opposite of blatant? inconspicuous

5. Opposite of vigour ?weakness 

6. Opposite of obsolete?new modern

7. Opposite of mitigate? aggravated

8. Meaning of callous? insensitive

9. Meaning of felicity? happiness

10. Meaning of odious? intolerable

11. Meaning of appease?quiet

12. Meaning of morose?gloomy

13 meaning of accomplice?helps in crime

14. Intifada means?

15. Capital of Ukraine? Kyiv

16. Head quarters of arab league? Cairo egypt

17. By leaps and bounds means? Rapidly

18. To flog a dead horse means? waste energy

19. To turn corner means?to improve

20. One who solve disputes is called?arbitrator

21. One who is talkative is called?garrulous person

22. National council is the parliament of?

23. Bangladesh parliament is called?Jatiya Sangsad (

24. A state which pays less tax than the other is called?

25. Which country has highest GDP per capita?Liechtenstein

26. Which country appears as a long shoe on map?Italy

27. Which ship accident was the worst acc?

28. Capital of Figi?suva

29. Ankara is the new name of?angora

30. Country with highest life expectant rate? Hong kong

31. Country with largest crud oil resources? Venezuela

32. Country with largest natural gas resources? Russia

33. Kargil is situated at?north of india

34. The line in kashmir is called? Between azad and jammu kashmir . Line of control

35. Durand line was established by Durand and.. ?Abdurehman

36. Great wall is famous for? Longest and highest

37. No of SEATO members?8

38. Recent member of ASEAN?

39. Blegrade is the capital of?sirbia

40. Euoru is the currency of ? Malta, germany, finland, all? Of all

41. Kyat is the currency of?burma

42. Katmando is the cap of?nipal

43. Continent with low population other than Antarctica is?australia

44. Sikan tunnel is famous for? Longest undersea segment

45. Capital of Bolivia is?Sucre

46. Nicaragua is distinguished in US as?

47. Meaning of spurious? Not genvon

48. First man to step on moon?Armstrong

49. To bear in mind means?to remember

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