YouTube server went down today

YouTube server went down today around 5 pm Pakistan time. YouTube stopped working in all devices.

There may be overload on the server that led to this being happening. Recently, we previously also witnesses YouTube server down and error showing. It may be that google is updating their system or there is any glitch in the system. This is actually pretty normal as google is having such a big customer base.

However, Users were not happy with the server being down. Not only did YouTube server went down but also the Blogger service of Google also went down due to system error.

Many You tubers who were live streaming had issues as YouTube server went down and so was their streaming therefore making the creators also unhappy because there viewers had to suffer too.

Such a big system of YOUTUBE getting down even for 1 to 2 minute is a big risk for the creators especially those who are live streaming because they make have to restart their streaming.

Hope this does not happen again and YouTube fixes it up as soon as possible so that its user are not affected badly.

Do tell us in comments any difficulty you faced when YouTube server was down

 (Youtube is up again now)

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