Telenor Quiz answer today 16 March 2021

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 16 March 2021 || Telenor Quiz Question Answers Today 

Hi friends! Telenor Quiz Today 16 March 2021, In this article we are going to talk about Telenor quiz answers on 16 March 2021. We are going to tell you all the answers to the Telenor questions today test your Skills app. So stay with this article/website to know in more detail.

Telenor answers 16 March 2021Today Telenor Quiz I have provided the correct answers to the Telenor App of Test Your Skills 16 March 2021. Where You have to select the correct option and Get free MB’s from the MY Telenor App. Telenor Quiz answer today 16 March 2021.

Telenor Quiz answer today 16 March 2021

Telenor has launched a new service. This service has become very popular among the people. People get free internet by answering daily questions. My Telenor app is very easy to use and telenor packages are also provided very cheaply in this app. This is a great facility for telenor users. People also use this app because the packages in it a very easy to install if you have any problem with this app So you can call the telenor helpline number to ask about this issue and you can easily resolve this issue. Telenor Quiz answer today 16 March 2021

Do this Telenor Quiz and get free MB, The first time you install this app, you get 500 MB free. With this app, you can install all the packages with free internet as well as you can install other SIM packages app. Along with the internet package, it has many more features in which you can pay your home bill and there are many more feature. Telenor Quiz answer today 16 March 2021.

Question 1: Which planet is nearest to the Earth?


Answer: Mercury

Question 2: What is the distance between the Moon and Earth?

1231 km
56000 km
120000 km
384,400 km

Answer: 384,400 km

Question 3: Botany deals with the study of which living organisms?


Answer: Plants

Question 4: Which month of the year has the least number of days?


Answer: February

Question 5: A century consists of how many years?


Answer: 100


Note: Telenor Quiz answers will be updated timely.

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