Telenor Quiz answers 10 March 2021

Telenor Quiz answers 10 March 2021 | 10 March Telenor Quiz | Today Telenor Quiz | Telenor Quiz Today.

Telenor quiz questions and answers of 10 March 2021 are detailed in the below articleWe will know all the answers to the Telenor Test your Skills app

For Today's Telenor Quiz I have provided correct answers to the Telenor App of Test Your Skills 10 March 2021. Now You will be able to get free MB's from the MY Telenor App.

Telenor answers 10 March 2021

It is very easy and simple to win can free MBs daily from My Telenor App just by answering the mcqs asked. The questions of My Telenor App are updated daily at 12:00 a.m.

There are some simple Steps to Get Free MB from My Telenor App. In case you have already downloaded the My Telenor App then follow the below mentioned Steps otherwise first you download the My Telenor App. After that just Open your My Telenor App. You will see a Test your Skill Button on the right side of the app then click on Test Your Skill, after that Questions will appear on your screen and only 5 questions will be asked each having 4 options. You would have to answer these questions correctly so as to get free Mbs and in case even 1 mcq is wrong then you will not get any free telenor mbs.

If you answered any question wrong then you will not able to get free MBs.

Telenor answers 10 March 2021 | 10 March Telenor Quiz | Today Telenor Quiz | Telenor Quiz Today

Question 1: Which famous singer made his PSL debut in the virtual opening ceremony of PSL 2021?

  • Ali Zafar
  • Ali Azmat
  • Fawad Khan
  • Atif Aslam
Answer: Atif Aslam

Question 2: The first four opening ceremonies of PSL were held in which international stadium?

  • Qatar
  • Dockland
  • Dubai
  • Eden

Answer: Dubai

Question 3: PSL 2020 trophy was unveiled in which stadium?

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Sharjah
  • Rawalpindi
Answer: Karachi

Question 4: Who was the captain of Islamabad United in PSL 2020?

  • Akmal
  • Shadab
  • Imad
  • Sohail
Answer: Shadab

Question 5: Who was the captain of Peshawar Zalmi in PSL 2020?

  • Amir
  • Shoaib. A
  • Umer Gul
  • Sammy

Answer: Sammy


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