Whatsapp and Instagram Sites down

Whatsapp and Instagram Sites are down for users for a time being. Sites crashed and thousands of  Whatsapp and Instagram users have reported having issues using the two platforms.

Whatsapp and Instagram Sites down

Instagram appears to be mostly having newsfeed problems. While Whatsapp is not working well, not either sending calls and receiving messages. People have been venting their frustrations on Twitter, idownloadblog tweeted this:

The sites did crash but are likely to recover soon. So just stay tuned. There server is down just because of loads of data and is likely to recover. There must be technical issue that led whatsapp and Instagram both down at the same time.

Since both Insta and whatsapp are of the same parent company that is why it just happened to both of the at the same time possibily.

Obviously, people are not happy about it but they just have to wait a bit and it will be alright soon,

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