Module 1 – Business Writing Essentials

Q.1 – Derek has recently started a new job as Project Administrator. As part of his new role, he needs to communicate the project plans in writing to all relevant stakeholders. Which of the following will help make sure his written project plan is communicated in the best possible way?

  • (A) Start with a quick ice breaker to build rapport with colleagues.
  • (B) Avoid using too many short and sharp sentences, as this may come across as rude or abrupt.
  • (C) Give colleagues clear next steps or actions they should take after reading the plan.
  • (D) Get to the point quickly and tell colleagues what they need to know, so they don’t have to hunt for it.

Module 2 – How To Write A Powerful Business Report

Q.2 – Gina has been asked to create a finance report for her company. Which of the following should she include in it?

  • (A) A Report title
  • (B) Customer’s financial data
  • (C) Employee’s personal data
  • (D) Her contact details
  • (E) Company’s ROI (Return on Investment)
  • (F) Company’s budget
  • (G) Company’s expenses

Module 3 – How To Write An Effective Business Email

Q.3 – Alex is a website developer. He wants to schedule a meeting with a new client to discuss how a project is going. Which of the following emails would work best?

  • (A) Hi Grace,
           Your new website is ready for you to see. Are you free to meet up and review it on Thursday                   24th  August at 1 pm? Please let me know, thank you.
           Regards, Alex

  • (B) Hi Grace
         Meet me on Thursday 24th or 26th August. I have some important information about your                       website.
         Thanks, Alex

  • (C) Hi Grace
          It is with great pleasure that I would like to invite you for a meeting. We will provide a lot of                  food and drinks, so you don’t have to worry about having breakfast.
          Call me for more information,

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Module 4 – How To Write A Clear Business Memo

Q.4 – Greg needs to tell his colleagues about some changes to an upcoming work event, and decides to send them a memo about it. Which of the following would you recommend he do?

(1) Include a quick greeting to the recipients

  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO

(2) Make the subject line short but descriptive

  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO

(3) Include your name and job title, so they know who to contact with any queries.

  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO

(4) Include each recipient’s name and job title

  • (A) YES
  • (B) NO

Module 5 – How To Format A Business Document

Q.5 – Marcia is writing a memo to remind colleagues about an upcoming training workshop. Which of the following formats do you think would work best?

  • (A) Several sad face emojis with the tagline: “This will be you if you miss the training workshop”, and the date and time of the event.
  • (B) A headline that reads: “How to set SMART goals”, and the date and time of the event.
  • (C) A headline written in a quirky typeface that reads: “How to set SMART goals”, and then different coloured text for the date and time.

Business Communication Topic Quiz Answers

These answers below are all the quiz questions asked after you sucessfully complete all the lessons.

Q.1 – How can you help make sure a written business communication is as effective as possible?

  • (A) Start with an ice breaker
  • (B) Avoid short sentences
  • (C) Include emojis
  • (D) Get to the point quickly

Q.2 – Which of the following should you always bear in mind when writing a business report?

  • (A) Business reports help companies make informed decisions
  • (B) Business reports should be informal but still goal-orientated
  • (C) Business reports should never be backed up by a legitimate source
  • (D) Business reports can’t provide future recommendations

Q.3 – If you’re writing an email, what should you include to encourage readers to respond?

  • (A) A carbon copy
  • (B) A call to action
  • (C) A subject line
  • (D) A friendly greeting

Q.4 – Which one of the following should you always include in a business memo?

  • (A) Recipient’s name, subject line, date, sender’s name
  • (B) Recipient’s name, greeting, date, sender’s name
  • (C) Recipient’s name, date, sender’s name, farewell
  • (D) Recipient’s name, icebreaker, date, sender’s name

Q.5 – When writing about important business topics, how should you format your document?

  • (A) Use lots of colour
  • (B) Keep it simple
  • (C) Use quirky fonts
  • (D) Include emojis

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