Pluralsight Angular Assessment Latest Answers

1. Which decorator lets a child component expose an event to a parent component?


·         @Raise

·         @Event

·         @0utput

·         @EventEmitter



2. What is the meaning of the return type of this function: getHero(id: number): Observable { }?


·         It returns a Hero object with an associated Observable property

·         It returns an Observable that emits an item of type Hero

·         It returns an observable created by passing in a hero object

·         it returns an observable that can be mapped to an item of type hero



3. What is the purpose of Reactive Extensions (RxJS) in an Angular application?


·         React to end-user changes and automatically display appropriate validation messages

·         create and manipulate streams of events and data using observable sequences and fluent query operators

·         React to the form factor and orientation of the device and automatically adjust the display for optimum viewing

·         Define a build pipeline that reacts to code changes and deploys the application to production



4. Which is the correct syntax for two-way data binding?


·         <input ngModel="LastName' />"

·         <input [ngModel]="LastName' />"

·         <input [(ngModel)]="LastName />"

·         <input ([ngModel])="LastName />"



5. Which of the following will result in the style classes "main" and "tall" being added to the DOM node?


·         [ngClass]="'main tall"

·         [ngClass]="'main + tall"

·         [ngClass]="'main : tall'

·         [ngClass]="'main && tall'"


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6. What Angular CLI command should you run in your Cl server before deploying your Angular app?


·         ngbuild

·         ng prod

·         ng build --prod

·         ng prod --build



7. Which character is used to prefix a structural directive?


·         -

·         *

·         |

·         #

·         /



8. What is the default return value of the HttpClient services get function?


·         | Observable

·         static value

·         Promise

·         callback function



9. What does this syntax accomplish? routerLink="/crisis-center"?


·         The syntax links a route to a service by matching the assigned string to a service class name.

·         The syntax navigates to the component with a path matching the assigned string.

·         The syntax navigates to the component with a name matching the assigned string.

·         The syntax links a route with data by matching the assigned string to a property name



10. According to the Angular Style Guide, why should unit test files be named the same as the feature they represent, but with a .spec.ts extension?


·         Keeps the file structure more organized

·         They shouldn't. Instead, unit tests should be in the same file as the Angular feature

·         Helps identify which files to serve with ng serve.

·         Provides a consistent way to identify tests with pattern matching test runners.


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11. Which lifecycle hook fires whenever a change occurs to any of the component's input properties?


·         ngOnDirty

·         ngOnInit

·         ngOnChanges

·         ngOnKeyPress

·         ngOnInput



12. What is the purpose of the imports array of an Angular module?


·         To define what external libraries, if any, your app needs

·         Define the set of modules whose exported components directives and pipes the templates of this module need

·         To define the set of services that are created and available for dependency injection

·         To define what information a form will capture



13. What is the purpose of the safe navigation operator?


·         To ensure a route is valid before navigation to that route

·         To perform two-way data binding

·         To guard against null and undefined values in property paths

·         To ensure the user has saved data before navigating away from a route.



14.How would you write code to modify the response from an http.get ?


·         Using the map function inside of the pipe operator chained to the http.get

·         Using the transform operator chained to the http.get

·         Subscribing to the http.get and setting the response to a local variable

·         Using the modify operator chained to the http-get



15. Which directive allows you to conditionally remove content from the DOM?


·         ngRepeat

·         *ngif

·         nghide

·         *ngfor

·         ngshow



16. Which directive allows you to display items from a collection of items?


·         ngFor

·         ngrepeat

·         ngSwitch

·         ngCollection



17. What is an appropriate way to break up a large view into smaller pieces?


·         Pipes

·         Services

·         modules

·         Child Components



18. Which Angular CLI flag will NOT generate unit tests for a component?


·         --testing=false

·         --unit-test=false

·         --skiptests=true

·         --test=false


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