SEMrush Local SEO Latest Exam Answers 2021

SEMrush Local SEO Latest Exam Answers 2021

Q.1 – How do you know if you need Local SEO?

  • (A) When you Google important keywords, the map pack is displayed.
  • (B) You have an online shop and want to partner with the local storehouse.
  • (C) You often search for “pizza delivery” from your office.

Q.2 – There’s no difference in ranking factors between traditional and Local SEO, the only thing different is the signal weights.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.3 – Name the solid local link building strategy:

  • (A) Event sponsorships
  • (B) Local meetups
  • (C) All of the listed
  • (D) Local bloggers
  • (E) Neighborhood watch sites

Q.4 – The most important content tip from Greg is:

  • (A) Read your content out loud.
  • (B) Keep it short and sweet.
  • (C) Make sure it’s not a duplicate.
  • (D) Include the cities you service.

Q.5 – For Local SEO, citations are

  • (A) A foundational signal
  • (B) The most powerful ranking signal
  • (C) Links that point to your business

Q.6 – The ideal review score is:

  • (A) 4.5 to 4.8
  • (B) A perfect 5.0
  • (C) 4.2 to 4.5
  • (D) 4.8 to 5.0

Q.7 – You should reply to

  • (A) Only negative reviews
  • (B) Every single review
  • (C) Only positive reviews
  • (D) Only a few positive and a few negative

Q.8 – Your Google My Business listing is

  • (A) Only important if you’re a service-area business
  • (B) Not as important as it used to be
  • (C) Not needed if you have a website
  • (D) Basically your new home page

Q.9 – If you’re using the standard “What’s New?” template, Google Posts stay live for

  • (A) One month
  • (B) 7 days
  • (C) Forever
  • (D) 24 hours

Q.10 – You’re allowed to ask and answer your own questions in the GMB Questions and Answers section.

  • (A) False
  • (B) True

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