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LinkedIn Microsoft Access Assessment Answers 2022

Q1. A table contains a field with the lookup properties set as shown. What will be the value of the field when the end-user clicks Normal from the combo box when entering a record into the table?

LinkedIn Microsoft Access Assessment Answers 2021

  •  1
  •  3
  •  2 - Correct
  •  Normal

Q2. What program flow function evaluates a condition and either returns a truepart or a falsepart?

  •  Switch()
  •  IsError()
  •  IIf() - Correct
  •  Choose()

Q3. The display of numerical data defaults to a___alignment, and text data defaults to___aligntment

  •  left; right
  •  right; left - Correct Answer
  •  left; left
  •  right; right

Q4. What currency format displays a thousand separator, but not a currency symbol, such as $ or €?

  •  Scientific
  •  Standard
  •  General Number - Correct Answer
  •  Fixed

Q5. Which data type is a modern replacement for the OLE Object data type?

  •  Attachment
  •  Replication ID
  •  BLOB - Correct Answer
  •  Hyperlink

Q6. How can you add multiple view button controls to a form at once?

  •  Double-click the button control to lock it on, then left-click in the form to add each button
  •  Right-click the button control and select Drop Multiple Controls. Then left-click to add each button to a form
  •  Select the Multiple Object check box in the Design tab before selecting the button control - Correct Answer
  •  Left-click the button control to select it, then add multiples to the form by right-clicking in the position you'd like to add them

Q7. How can you ensure that each value saved in a particular field is unique from all other values in the field?

  •  Set the Indexed property to No
  •  Set the Required property to Yes (Unique Values) 
  •  Set the Validation Rule property to No Duplicates - Correct Answer
  •  Set the Indexed property to Yes (No Duplicates) 
Q8. Which Access database tool will help you split a single, large, unnormalized data table into multiple related tables that follow the best practices of good database design?

  •  Database Documenter
  •  Compact and Repair Database
  •  Database Splitter Wizard 
  •  Table Analyzer Wizard - Correct Answer

Q9. When backing up an Access database, what is added to the file name automatically?

  •  A serialized backup number, such as "_Backup_2"
  •  The current date, such as "_2019-08-21"
  •  The characters "_bu"
  •  The word "_Archive" - Correct Answer

Q10. Which table field property, if supplied, will display instead of the field name as a column header when viewing the datasheet of as a label when the field is added toa form or report?
  •  Popup Text - Correct Answer
  •  Description
  •  Caption
  •  Tool Tip

Q11. There is a one-to-many relationship between the Contacts and Tasks tables shown. What does the arrow unde the 1 on the join line indicate?

  • The join will include all records from Tasks and only those records from Contacts where the joined fields are equal. - Correct Answer
  • The relationship has cascade update related fields and cascade delete related fields enabled.
  • The relationship has enforce referential integrity enabled.
  • The join will include all records from Contacts and only those records from Tasks where the joined fields are equal.

Q12. Which form control property creates a small pop-up flag that contains text when a user hovers the mouse cursor over the object?

  •  ControlTip Text
  •  Status Text
  •  Tool Text
  •  Help Text - Correct Answer

Q13. The expression values <=, <>, and > are found in what expression category?

  •  comparison operators - Correct Answer
  •  logical operators
  •  string operators
  •  arithmetic operators 

Q14. Which section of a report appears at the top of every page in the printed report?

  •  page header - Correct Answer
  •  group header
  •  detail header
  •  report header

Q15.When would you use a left join query?

  •  When you want to retrieve every record from the left table, plus any matching information from the right table where it exists - Correct Answer
  •  When you want to retrieve all of the records from the right table that have matching records in the left table
  •  When you want to retrieve just the records from the left table that have matching records in the right table
  •  When you want to retrieve just the records from the left table that do not have any matching records in the right table

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