1. According To Birdperson, What Does “wubba Lubba Dub-dub” Mean?

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers - Bequizzed

  • Nothing, It’s Just A Mixture Of Sounds.
  • “pants? Who Needs Pants?”
  • “i Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me”
  • “you’re A Moron, Jerry”

Answer: “i Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me”

2. What Animal Does Beth A Surgeon For?

  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Goat
  • Cow

Answer: Horse

3. What Popular Action Program From The 1980s Is Rick And Morty’s Favorite Tv Series, Ball Fondlers, A Parody Of?

  • Macgyver
  • Magnum P.i.
  • The A-team
  • Airwolf

Answer: The A-team

4. What Is Scary Terry’s Son’s Name?

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers - Be Quizzed!

  • Scary Michael
  • Haunting Harry
  • Menacing Matthew
  • Scary Brandon

Answer: Scary Brandon

5. What Collectible Item Was Not Hiding In Morty’s Dragon’s Lair?

  • An Original Ecto Cooler Juice Box From 1989
  • A Complete First Edition Pokemon Card Set
  • Small Soldiers Spin Pops
  • Future’s Self-titled Album On Vinyl

Answer: A Complete First Edition Pokemon Card Set

6. When Exactly Did Snake Armageddon Happen?

  • June 21, 2024
  • June 21, 2025
  • June 21, 2023
  • June 21, 2026

Answer: June 21, 2026

7. What Did Rick Do To Keep Jerry From Falling Off The Roof During Christmas?

  • He Turned Jerry Invisible.
  • He Made The Roof Spiritually Magnetic.
  • He Made Jerry’s Atomic Matrix Slightly Lighter Than Air.
  • He Launched Jerry Into Orbit Around The House.

Answer: All Answer Are Wrong

8. Vindicators Alert: What Is One Place The Vindicators Would Never Mention?

Answer: Israel

9. Which Version Of Earth Did Rick And Morty Turn The Population Into Cronenbergs?

  • B-226
  • C-137
  • E-142
  • Z-128

Answer: C-137

10. How Old Is Rick?

  • 62
  • 70
  • 81
  • 58

Answer: 70

11. What Is The Name Of The Giant Who Rick And Morty Get Blamed For Killing?

  • Dave
  • Dan
  • Dayton
  • Dale

Answer: Dale

12. What Non-weapon Does Rick Use To Make The Purgers Drop Their Weapons?

  • M&ms
  • Skittles
  • Tic-tacs
  • Mints

Answer: Tic-tacs

13. What Does Jerry Attempt To Use As A Gun At A Wedding?

  • Super Soaker
  • Potato Gun
  • Confetti Gun
  • Laser Pointer

Answer: Confetti Gun

14. Who Is The Character That Makes Morty “uncomfortable” In The Bathroom?

  • Scary Terry
  • Mr. Jellybean
  • Principal Vagina
  • Mr. Meeseeks

Answer: Mr. Jellybean

15. What Was The Name Of Rick’s Rock Band?

  • The Flesh Curtains
  • The Flesh Drapes
  • The Flesh Carpets
  • The Flesh Sheets

Answer: The Flesh Curtains

16. It Was Revealed In “the Ricks Must Be Crazy” That Rick Modified Morty’s Dna Structure So He Can Transform Into A What?

  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Train

Answer: Boat

17. What Was Jerry’s Major In College?

  • Psychology
  • Civics
  • Liberal Arts
  • Sociology

Answer: Liberal Arts

18. What Does Snuffles The Family Dog Rename Himself As After Rick Gives Him An Intelligence-boosting Helmet?

Answer: Snowball

19. Which Of These Isn’t An Alterations That Rick Made To Make Froopyland Safe For Beth?

  • He Made The Ground Bouncy.
  • He Made The Creatures Non-violent.
  • He Made The Water Breathable.
  • He Made The Air Lighter.

Answer: All Answer Are Wrong

20. What Is Mr. Poopybutthole A Professor Of?

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers - Bequizzed

  • Political Science
  • Asian American Studies
  • African-American Women’s Studies
  • Children’s Psychology

Answer: African-American Women’s Studies

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