Q.1 – Which widget in Backlink Analytics shows you “sponsored” and “UGC” directives, recently introduced by Google?

  • (A) Categories of referring domains
  • (B) Link attributes
  • (C) Backlink types

Q.2 – With the help of Backlink Audit you can download a list of toxic backlinks and then send it to the Google disavow tool. True or false?

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.3 – To access the most current data on disavowed backlinks you should integrate Backlink Audit with:

  • (A) Google Search Console
  • (B) Google Analytics
  • (C) Majestic

Q.4 – The Internal link distribution chart in Site Audit shows:

  • (A) distribution across your website’s pages by the number of clicks away from the homepage
  • (B) distribution of links across three groups of pages with different strengths based on their Internal LinkRank
  • (C) distribution of errors, warnings, and notices on your website in terms of internal linking.

Q.5 – What is the optimal click depth of a page?

  • (A) Less than 4
  • (B) Depends on the page
  • (C) More than 4

SEMrush Link Building Test Latest Answers 2022

Q.6 – Which prospects metric in the Link Building tool represent the extent to which a certain domain with a link to your website could be harmful to your website and affect your ranking in search engines?

  • (A) Trust score
  • (B) Toxic rank
  • (C) Internal linkRank

Q.7 – The Link Building tool allows you to discover whether an acquired backlink was indexed by Google. True or false?

  • (A) False
  • (B) True

Q.8 – Which tool helps you to find domains with a high authority score that have links to your competitor but do not have links to your website?

  • (A) Backlinks analytics
  • (B) Backlink Gap
  • (C) Backlink audit

Q.9 – True or false? The Matches column in the Backlink Gap report table shows how many of the analyzed domains have gotten their links from a certain referring domain.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.10 – Fill in the blanks. In Backlink Audit, a domain with a link is considered toxic with a toxic score of ______, potentially toxic are those with a score of _______. You _______ to review them manually before sending to Whitelist, to Remove or to Disavow.

  • (A) 60-100, 45-59, don’t need
  • (B) 70-100, 50-69, don’t need
  • (C) 70-100, 50-69, need
  • (D) 60-100, 45-59, need

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