Q.1 – With a Position Tracking tool you can track root domain, subdomain, and URL, but not a subfolder. True or false?

  • (A) False
  • (B) True

Q.2 – Which metric based on CTR shows a website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords that are currently tracked?

  • (A) Average position
  • (B) Ranking distribution
  • (C) Visibility

Q.3 – Which report in Position tracking can help you to determine pages that rank or do not rank for a certain keyword and at the same time pages that rank with a specific aggregate volume?
  • (A) Landing pages
  • (B) Rankings
  • (C) Ranking distribution report with the help of filters

SEMrush Rank Tracking Test Latest Answers 2022

Q.4 – Sensor shows the actual SERP volatility level, which reflects the speed of changes in Google search results. What SENSOR score refers to a normal volatility level?

  • (A) 0 to 2
  • (B) 8 to 10
  • (C) 2 to 5
  • (D) 5 to 8

Q.5 – In what Google positions can you check the popularity of a HTTPS protocol extension by viewing a donut diagram in the Sensor tool? Choose 2 answers.

  • (A) Top-3
  • (B) Top-20
  • (C) Top-10
  • (D) Top-100

Q.6 – Choose 2 correct statements about the Featured Snippets report in the Position Tracking tool.

  • (A) You can also take a look at the SERP source to see how the snippet appears within the results page.
  • (B) This report shows how many times your or your competitor’s domain is featured in the snippet per week.
  • (C) This report shows keywords on their SERP where your or your competitor’s domain is featured in the snippet.

Q.7 – True or false? The Ranking distribution report allows you to see the number of keywords in a campaign you and your competitors have in the top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100 positions.

  • (A) False
  • (B) True

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