Google Analytics Data Studio Assessment 4 Latest Answers

Q.1 – Which reflects a best practice for designing your report?

  • (A) Use only one report per page, including much text annotation to summarize findings
  • (B) Use the first page as a high-level overview, and add additional pages as needed for more detail
  • (C) Use contrasting colors for each different chart
  • (D) Use pie charts to compare 10+ segments of a whole

Q.2 – How can you use any Data Studio report as a template?

  • (A) Copy the report as new and select your data source(s)
  • (B) Copy the data source and select your data set(s)
  • (C) Use templates available on the Data Studio Home page
  • (D) Ask the report owner to enable viewer’s credentials

Q.3 – What is the purpose of a bullet chart?

  • (A) Show the total for a single metric
  • (B) ​See how well a metric is performing against a target
  • (C) Identify a correlation between data points
  • (D) Highlight a single, critical metric

Q.4 – What is the purpose of templates?

  • (A) Quickstart data source creation
  • (B) Quickstart report creation
  • (C) Offer design tips based on connector
  • (D) Extract data for improved report load time

Q.5 – What is the purpose of a scatter plot?

  • (A) Observe trends over time
  • (B) Track performance against a target
  • (C) Identify a relationship between variables
  • (D) Compare multiple parts of a whole

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