Google Analytics Data Studio Assessment 3 Latest Answers

Q.1 – What is the purpose of extracting data?

  • (A) Create robust data sources with over 100MB of data
  • (B) Maintain a live connection between your data set and data source
  • (C) Use connectors not available through Google or partners
  • (D) Use​ a subset of your original data for faster report performance

Q.2 – What does the “refresh fields” button in the data source do?

  • (A) Update stale data in your report’s charts
  • (B) ​Reflect changes made to the data set’s schema
  • (C) Save changes you make to the data source fields
  • (D) Saves updates made to data source field names

Q.3 – What is unique about a report-level component, compared to a page-level component?

  • (A) Report​ -level components appear in the same position on each page
  • (B) Report-level components are the default component type Report-level
  • (C) Report-level components can reference multiple data sources at once Report-level
  • (D) Report-level components have interactive properties for viewers to filter data

Q.4 – What is one benefit of using blended data?

  • (A) The ability to combine data from different time periods in one chart
  • (B) The ability to visualize data from multiple data sources in one chart
  • (C) The ability to join multiple data sources without any common dimensions
  • (D) The ability to share combined data sources between reports

Q.5 – What does a filter control allow viewers to do?

  • (A) Select a different data source to visualize
  • (B) Filter​ report data based on one or more dimension values
  • (C) Change the date range of a report
  • (D) Import their own data into your report template

Q.6 – What do the Theme tab settings affect?

  • (A) All reports in your account
  • (B) All​ components in the open report
  • (C) All components in the open page
  • (D) The selected component only

Q.7 – What can a single filter control affect? (select three)

  • (A) Charts
  • (B) Scorecards
  • (C) Groups of components
  • (D) Multiple dimensions

Q.8 – What is required for a single chart to reference data from two different data sources?

  • (A) Attach both data sources to the report
  • (B) Select the appropriate dimensions from the chart data tab
  • (C) Create​ a blended data source
  • (D) Add a data control to the report

Q.9 – Which sharing option always requires recipients to log in with their Google account?

  • (A) Shareable link
  • (B) Invitation to edit
  • (C) PDF download
  • (D) Viewer’s credentials

Q.10 – What is the purpose of creating a thumbnail image of your report?

  • (A) Invite others to view your report’s first page and hover for more detail
  • (B) ​Give users with a view or edit access a preview of your report before opening
  • (C) Allow users to quickly download a non-interactive copy of your report
  • (D) Download a full-size PDF for offline viewing

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