Google Analytics Data Studio Assessment 2 Latest Answers

Q1. Which actions can you take on the Data Studio Home page?

  • Create a new report
  • Share a report with others
  • Edit data source fields
  • Connect to data

Q2. Which is the best tool to quickly visualize data that answers a specific question without saving or sharing it?

  • Data source
  • Explorer
  • Report Gallery
  • Templates

Q3. What can you do with the Explorer tool?

  • Invite others to view or edit your explorations
  • Export an exploration as a chart into a new or existing report
  • Toggle between view and edit modes
  • Automatically save all changes to explorations

Q4. What can you do with calculated fields?

  • Create a metric or dimension using a mathematical formula
  • Change an existing field’s aggregation
  • Transform tables into pie charts
  • Disable fields from the data source

Q5. What can an individual viewing a report do?

  • Hover over charts to see specific data point information
  • Filter data
  • Select a date range
  • Make a page-level component report-level

Q6. What is the benefit of using the Theme tab?

  • The ability to adjust a report’s canvas size, grid settings, and page navigation position
  • The ability to set consistent font and color selections for all components 
  • The ability to use templates for quick report building
  • The ability to enable field editing in reports

Q7. Which components must get their data from a data source?

  • Images
  • Bar charts
  • Scorecards 
  • Embedded content

Q8. In which ways can you change an existing field?

  • Display the count of unique field values
  • Change the format of a date field
  • Display the output of a custom mathematical formula using the field
  • Change the name

Q9. What must the data source owner do to allow report editors to modify data fields?

  • Enable field editing in reports
  • Use owner’s credentials
  • Give edit access to the data source
  • Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people

Q10. Which setting makes your report larger?

  • Style tab
  • Canvas size
  • Report theme
  • Grid settings

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