Google Analytics Data Studio Assessment 1 Latest Answers

Q1. What are the benefits of using Data Studio?

  • Allows you to visualize your own data
  • Free of charge
  • Accessible on web-connected devices
  • Access to additional attribution models

Q2. Which are examples of data sets?

  • Google-generated data, such as Google Analytics or Google Sheets
  • A data source based on a CSV file
  • Metrics and dimensions typed directly into Data Studio
  • Amazon sales data

Q3. Once you’ve connected your data in Data Studio, how often do you need to manually provide your data set credentials again?   

  • Every time you load the report
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Only if you’ve revoked access

Q4. Which types of components can be included in a report?  
  • Text
  • Images
  • Charts
  • Templates

Q5. Which term refers to the underlying data that can be connected to Data Studio?   

  • Data set
  • Data source
  • Data control
  • Data connection

Google Analytics Data Studio Assessment 1 Questions and Answers 

Q6. Which access permission would you provide to a coworker to collaborate with them on a report?  
  • Can view report
  • Can edit report
  • Can view data source
  • Can edit a data source

Q7. To share your report via a public link and allow all viewers to see chart data, which data source setting would you choose?   

  • Invite user to view
  • Invite user to edit
  • Use owner’s credentials
  • Use viewer’s credentials

Q8. What is the order in which data flows into Data Studio charts?  
  • Data set → data source → report → chart
  • Data source → data set → report → chart
  • Component → data source → report → chart
  • Data set → report → data source → chart

Q9. If you upload data from a CSV file to create a data set in Google Cloud, how can you update that data set in the future?   

  • Upload a CSV file with only the new rows of data
  • Upload a CSV file with all the original data and additional data
  • Click the refresh fields icon in the data source to automatically upload changes from the file on your computer
  • Manually edit the data in the Data Studio report

Q10. Which feature helps you create a new report quickly?  
  • Owner’s credentials
  • Edit access
  • Templates
  • Controls

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