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Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2: Oh, hey, it's Jay. Taking over now from a twofer. Let's get on with this presentation about our upcoming mission. Now, based on the ground track, you'll, you'll never perfectly have something overhead. So there'll be some- some that kind of graze at a lower elevation, if you will, these, those could be short as a handful of minutes. But roughly, you can kind of assume a ground pass running in about five to 10 minutes. In some areas, we actually have a few different ground stations strung together. across most of the continental US, we've got really great coverage. Also, pretty good coverage around Australia, and on the eastern, sorry, Western European states and in the Middle East.

Speaker 2: Oftentimes, if we, if we landed upright with, say, Passover, like Florida, you can get a good one, maybe even five to 20 minutes of coverage continuously. That's, that's all just stuff will kind of have to do in pre-planned. There'd be a little bit of effort based on day a launch introductory checklist, as to discuss the return site, that'll change the timing a little bit, but that's all the stuff we all kind of define ahead of time. I just wanted to give you a sense of, you know, of what the vehicle is capable of, you know, and, and all that kind of good stuff. You know, I hope that's helpful. I think I think one thing they show also over what tau for mentioned, the recurring you know, ground, the reoccurring, you know, ground pass, you also get, essentially, a reoccurring pass of ground stations.

Speaker 2: So, we can plan ahead, you know, as long as we're, you know, on that reoccurring ground pass, you know, we probably have known times a day when we'll be over a long pass. I think the longest pass strung together in Florida could be even- even longer, like 20, maybe 30 minutes. That's kind of one of the things that they sort of mentioned, the way that our vehicle network is designed is, is its sort of a very secure, protected network of at least 1500 different components. And that's not just on the spacecraft. That's also true on the ground. Our mission control centers, they have a totally firewalled system, you know, and I'm sure you can, you know, imagine for all the reasons why, you know.

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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