Pre Requisites for CMC Learn & Earn Campaign;

Coinmarketcap Account

Binance(KYC Verified A/c)

- Must Participate only once per quiz

1inch Token Quiz Answers - Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn Program

> 1inch Token Quiz AnCoinMarketCap users can learn about 1inch (1INCH), and then take a short quiz. If a user successfully completes the quiz, they will receive $5 of 1inch tokens as reward.

1inch "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.07.16 to 2021.07.25 (23:59:59 UTC).

Dedicated link to CMC Quiz:

1inch Token Quiz Answers

1. To start using the 1inch dApp you have to: Ans: Connect your crypto wallet. 2. What asset should be in your wallet to begin swapping tokens via 1inch? Ans: Just some eth 3. What does the name of the 1inch gas token – “Chi” – initially mean? Ans: Mysterious energy used in martial arts 4. What is the Latin name of the Unicorn constellation? Ans: Monoceros 5. What is the role of 1inch’s Pathfinder algorithm? Ans: Finds the best routes to swap DeFi assets 6. To participate in the 1inch Network’s governance process you have to: Ans: Stake 1INCH tokens 7. How many blockchains are currently connected to the 1inch Aggregation Protocol? Ans: 3

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