1. What is the day called that Americans celebrate on the 4th of July?

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·         Independence day

·         Christmas Day

Right Answer: Independence day

2. What is the title of America’s national anthem?

·         The Star-Spangled Banner

·         God Save the Queen

Right Answer: The Star-Spangled Banner

3. What is the name given to the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution?

·         The Bill of Rights

·         The Bill of Sale

Right Answer: The Bill of Rights

4. Who was the first president of the United States of America?

·         George Washington

·         Bruce Lee

Right Answer: George Washington

5. What is written at the beginning of the Constitution?

·         We the people

·         We know their truths

Right Answer: We the people

6. In the First Amendment there is one right/freedom that is guaranteed, what is it?

·         Religion

·         Voting

Right Answer: Religion

7. Why are there 13 stripes on the U.S flag?

·         To represent the 13 original colonies

·         13 is Taylor Swift’s lucky number

Right Answer: To represent the 13 original colonies

8. What is the name of the highest court in the United States?

·         The Supreme Court

·         The Super Important Court

Right Answer: The Supreme Court

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9. What is the date of the final day on which you can send in federal tax forms?

·         April 15th

·         May 20th

Right Answer: April 15th

10. Where in the United States is the Statue of Liberty found?

·         New York City

·         California

Right Answer: New York City

11. What is the capital of the United States?

·         New Jersey

·         Washington, DC

Right Answer: Washington, DC

12. What was the name of the piece of territory that the United States brought from France in 1803?

·         Louisiana Territory

·         French Territory

Right Answer: Louisiana Territory

13. How many times can you run for senate?

·         There is no limit

·         4 times

Right Answer: There is no limit

14. Who is considered to be the ‘Father of our country’

·         George Washington

·         Alexander Hamilton

Right Answer: George Washington

15. What was the name of the war that was fought between the North and South in the 1800s?

·         The Civil War

·         The War of Independence

Right Answer: The Civil War

16. In a situation where the President and the Vice President cannot serve, who is elected as president?

·         Whoever the people want

·         The Speaker of the House

Right Answer: The Speaker of the House

17. One of these was not one of the original 13 colonies, which one is it?

·         California

·         New Hampshire

Right Answer: California

18. Which of these is included in the Bill of Rights?

·         The right to bear arms

·         The right to vote

Right Answer: The right to bear arms

19. Who wrote the original Declaration of Independence?

·         Thomas Jefferson

·         Alexander Hamilton

Right Answer: Thomas Jefferson

20. How many active members are there in the House of Representatives?

·         435

·         20

Right Answer: 435

21. Which of these two is not one of the major branches of government?

·         Media

·         Legislative

Right Answer: Media

22. What is the judicial branch responsible for?

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·         Understands the law

·         Declares independence

Right Answer: Understands the law

23. Which of these two is considered not to be a national U.S holiday?

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·         Independence Day

·         Boxing Day

Right Answer: Boxing Day

24. Who is the acting Chief of Justice at the moment?

·         John Roberts

·         Donald Trump

Right Answer: John Roberts

25. How long is a term?

·         6 Years

·         21 Years

Right Answer: 6 Years

26. Which out of the two is not a territory of the U.S?

·         Greenland

·         Puerto Rico

Right Answer: Greenland

27. Which month do the people of the United States vote for their president?

·         November

·         May

Right Answer: November

28. Which one of these two states borders Mexico?

·         California

·         Boston

Right Answer: California

29. Which of these states borders Canada?

·         North Dakota

·         Iowa

·         California

·         Wisconsin

Right Answer: North Dakota

30. What was the name of the movement in the 1960s that fought against racial discrimination?

·         Civil Rights Movement

·         Independence Movement

Right Answer: Civil Rights Movement

31. In the U.S how old do you have to be to vote?

·         18

·         21

Right Answer: 18

32. When a U.S senator is elected, who do they represent?

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·         The President

·         All people of a state

Right Answer: All people of a state

33. On what day do we celebrate Independence Day?

·         29th May

·         4th July

Right Answer: 4th July

34. How many years do U.S representatives stay in office?

·         2

·         9

Right Answer: 2

35. Which war was fought by the U.S in the 1800s?

·         The Anglo-Saxon War

·         The Civil Wart

Right Answer: The Civil Wart

36. During World War I, who was the president?

·         Woodrow Wilson

·         George Washington

Right Answer: Woodrow Wilson

37. Who did the U.S fight against during the Second World War?

·         Germany, Japan, and Italy

·         England and France

Right Answer: Germany, Japan, and Italy

38. Who is given the title of the commander-in-chief of the US military?

·         The President

·         The Vice President

Right Answer: The President

39. What is the name of the economic system in the United States?

·         Capitalism

·         Communism

Right Answer: Capitalism

40. Which of these is a promise you do not have to make when you become a U.S citizen?

·         Smack yourself on the head

·         Give up any loyalty to other countries

Right Answer: Smack yourself on the head

41. What is the basic premise of the Declaration of Independence?

·         All men are created equal

·         To form a perfect union

Right Answer: All men are created equal

42. Some states have more representatives than others, why is this?

·         It is done by population

·         They were better states

Right Answer: It is done by population

43. Which is the longest river in the United States?

·         Missouri

·         California

Right Answer: Missouri

44. What was the name of the president during both the Great Depression and World War II??

·         Franklin D. Roosevelt

·         George Washington

Right Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt

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45. The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S Constitution. Can you name one of the writers who wrote this paper?

·         Alexander Hamilton

·         Tony Blair

Right Answer: Alexander Hamilton

46. What is declared as a right in the Declaration of Independence?

·         The pursuit of happiness

·         The right to bear fighting

Right Answer: The pursuit of happiness

47. The U.S flag has 50 stars, why is this?

·         50 is Donald Trump’s favorite number

·         There are 50 states

Right Answer: There are 50 states

48. Can you name one purpose of the United Nations?

·         To promote world peace

·         To promote world wars

Right Answer: To promote world peace

49. There are many amendments to the Constitution, how many exactly?

·         27

·         20

Right Answer: 27

50. Wall Street is a very famous Street in the United States, but what is it most famous for?

·         Great hamburgers

·         For being the financial center of America

Right Answer: For being the financial center of America

51. The land known as North America had other occupants before the Europeans arrived, who were they?

·         Native Americans

·         Dinosaurs

Right Answer: Native Americans

52. Bills have to be signed before they become U.S law, who is it that signs them?

·         The President

·         The Vice President

Right Answer: The President

53. In the U.S constitution what does ‘freedom of religion’ mean?

·         Any religion goes

·         All religions are banned

Right Answer: Any religion goes

54. How many U.S Senators are there?

  • 50
  • 100

Right Answer: 100

55. If the senate becomes deadlocked, who is able to cast the deciding vote?

·         The Vice President

·         The President

Right Answer: The Vice President

56. When we say the Pledge of Allegiance, what do we promise loyalty to?

·         The United States and its flag

·         The President

Right Answer: The United States and its flag

57. At what age must all men register for the Selective Service?

·         18

·         21

Right Answer: 18

58. Which is officially recognized as a Native American tribe in the U.S?

·         Seminole

·         Mika

Right Answer: Seminole

59. What happened during the Constitutional Convention?

Can You Pass A US Citizenship Test? Quiz Answers - Quiz Factory

·         The constitution was written

·         A fight

Right Answer: The constitution was written

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