Q1. Let’s go through our essential safari packing list! You’ll need a pair of binoculars! Can you see in which part of the picture they are hiding?

Safari Hidden Objects Quiz Answers - Gimmemore

Answer: B

Q2. This one is a no-brainer. You’re gonna need sunblock! Can you see where it is hiding in this picture?

Answer: D

Q3. For those BUZZY days and nights, there’s nothing more annoying than mosquitos! Can you get your hands on some bug repellent?

Answer: C

Q4. It sure is hot out there. In case you run out of water, you’ll need a water filter to purify water you find in ponds and ditches… but where is it?

Answer: D

Q5. Of course you will need a rope, matches, binoculars, a first-aid kit, a bottle of electrolytes and a hat! Which of these items is missing from the picture?

Answer: First-aid kit

Q6. This is strange! An animal that doesn’t belong in Africa has made its way here. Can you see in which square it is hiding?

Answer: B

Q7. Can you see anything in this afternoon glare? Where is the predator hiding?

Answer: A

Q8. When the sun goes down, the land becomes dangerous for prey animals. How many prey animals are hiding in this picture?

Answer: 5

Q9. With all the commotion from the animals outside of your tent, you’ve lost an important tool! Your flashlight! Are your eyes trained enough to see in the dark and find it?

Answer: C

Q10. It looks like you have company! Can you match the hyena with the correct silhouette below?

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