1. Let’s start easy! Black and white bear-like animal, native to China. Two letters have been done for you already. Scroll down and fill in the WHOLE 5-Letter word.

Quiz Facts Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz Answers

Right Answer: Panda

2. Do you know the capital of Greece? Two letters have been filled out for you. Write the WHOLE word below!

Quiz Facts Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz Answers

Right Answer: Athens

3. Ohh, a picture clue for you! What breed of dog is this? Fill in the word below!

Right Answer: Husky

4. Which sport are we looking for here?

Right Answer: hockey

5. Famous US landmark starting with “Mount”. Type it in!

Right Answer: Rushmore

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6. A sports venue.

Right Answer: Arena

7. A type of monkey! Surely you know this one. Write it in below!

Right Answer: Chimpanzee

8. A type of cheese! Write the WHOLE word below!

Right Answer: Bree

9. Movie starring Al Pacino!

Right Answer: scarface

10. American actor, last name “Phoenix”.

Right Answer: River

11. What could this be? And how do you spell it?

Right Answer: edamame

12. Polynesian Dance

Right Answer: hula

13. High School Musical set in the 1950s.

Right Answer: Grease

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14. The Arctic is the smallest what?

Right Answer: OCEAN

15. French classical composer, first name “Claude”

Right Answer: Debussy

16. What type of food are we looking at here?

Right Answer: Samosa

17. Synonym of frightening:

Right Answer: Startle

18. An opera solo is a what?

Right Answer: Aria

19. The process of releasing strong emotions. Scroll down and fill it in!

Right Answer: catharsis

20. A type of shape!

Right Answer: rhombus

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