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1. The works of which composer inspired the Champions League anthem?

A. Beethoven
B. Handel
C. Mozart
D. Wagner

Answer: B. Handel

2. Which of these players is not a top ten Champions League appearance-maker?

A. Ryan Giggs
B. Lionel Messi
C. Carles Puyol
D. Xavi

Answer: C. Carles Puyol

3. Who has made the most appearances as a coach?

A. Carlo Ancelotti
B. Sir Alex Ferguson
C. Jose Mourinho
D. Aresene Wenger

Answer: B. Sir Alex Ferguson

4. Which club has lost the most European Cup finals?

A. AC Milan
B. Bayern
C. Juventus
D. Manchester United

Answer: C. Juventus

5. On winning their 5th title, which club were the last to keep the actual Champions League trophy?

A. AC Milan
B. Ajax
C. Bayern
D. Liverpool

Answer: D. Liverpool

6. With over 127,000 spectators, which final holds the record for the highest attendance?

A. Liverpool VS Roma in 1984
B. Milan VS Steaua Bucuresti in 1989
C. Real Madrid VS Florentina in 1957
D. Real Madrid VS Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960.

Answer: D. Real Madrid VS Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960.

7. How tall is the Champions League trophy?

A. 62 cm
B. 65 cm
C. 70 cm
D. 73,5 cm

Answer: D. 73,5 cm

8. In 1956, who scored the competition’s first ever final goal?

A. Michael Leblond
B. Raymond Kopa
C. Michael Hidalgo
D. Just Fontaine

Answer: A. Michael Leblond

9. Which of these English clubs has never made it to a final?

A. Aston Villa
B. Nottingham Forest
C. Newcastle
D. Arsenal

Answer: C. Newcastle

10. What was the first name of Steaua BucureČ™ti’s shoot-out hero in the 1986 decider?

A. Georghe
B. Helmuth
C. Miodrag
D. Robert

Answer: B. Helmuth

11. How lots of the teams which take part in the UEFA Champions League?

A. 28
B. 32
C. 30
D. 34

Answer: B.32

12. In what year did the UEFA Champions League become rebranded from the European Cup?

A. 1991
B. 1992
C. 1993
D. 1994

Answer: B.1992

13. In what year did the European Cup first take place?

A. 1955
B. 1953
C. 1950
D. 1951

Answer: A.1955

14. Real Madrid claimed the first European Cup, however which side did they defeat 4-3 in the final?

A. Barcelona
B. Partizan
C. Stade Reims
D. Valencia

Answer: C. Stade Reims

15. Which team that has lost the most Champions League finals without winning the tournament themselves?

A. Atletico Madrid
B. Stade Reims
C. Valencia
D. Barcelona

Answer: A. Atletico Madrid

16. Bob Paisley, Zinedine Zidane, and which other manager who have already won the three Champions League titles – more than anyone else?

A. Aleq Ferguson
B. Carlo Ancelotti
C. Arrigo Sacchi
D. Kevin

Answer: B. Carlo Ancelotti

17. Marseille won the competition in its first year as the UEFA Champions League. But, who did they defeat in the final?

A. Barcelona
B. PSV Eindhoven
C. AC Milan
D. Valencia

Answer: AC Milan

18. Only one English footballer is in the top 30 UEFA Champions League all time scorers. Who is it?

A. Bobby Charlton
B. Wayna Rooney
C. Frank Lampard
D. Gary Lineker

Answer: B. Wayne Rooney

19. The clubs from which of those countries that have already won the competition the most times?

A. Spain
B. Italy
C. England
D. France

Answer: Spain

20. Which footballer has made the most appearances in the history of the competition?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo
B. Xavi
C. Iker Casillas
D. Alan Shearer

Answer: C. Iker Casillas

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21. Zinedine Zidane scored a stunning volley to win the 2002 final, but in which stadium did it take place?

A. Old Trafford
B. Parc des Princes
C. Hampden Park
D. Xavi

Answer: C. Hampden Park

22. Which country that has hosted the Champions League final the most times?

A. Italy
B. England
C. Spain
D. France

Answer: Italy

23. Which was the first English club to win the trophy?

A. Liverpool
B. Nottingham Forest
C. Manchester United
D. Barcelona

Answer: Manchester United

24. Who missed AC Milan’s final penalty to complete a foolish comeback for Liverpool in the 2005 final?

A. Andrea Pirlo
B. Andriy Shevchenko
C. Serginho
D. Sandro Tonali

Answer: B. Andriy Shevchenko

25. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer famously scored the winner in the 1999 final. But, who scored Bayern’s goal that night?

A. Mario Basler
B. Carston Jancker
C. Alexander Zickler
D. Jens Petter

Answer: B. Carston Janckler

26. Cristiano Ronaldo is the competition’s all-time top scorer, against which team has Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most goals?

A. Benfica
B. Arsenal
C. Juventus
D. Barcelona

Answer: C. Juventus

27. In the 2019 final, which Spurs player’s handball that gifted an early penalty to Liverpool?

A. Moussa Sissoko
B. Jan Vertonghen
C. Toby Alderweireld
D. Fikayo Tomori

Answer: A. Moussa Sissoko

28. Which player scored the most recent Champions League hat trick?

A. Josip Ilicic
B. Gabriel Jesus
C. Arkadiusz Milik
D. Toby Alderweireld

Answer: A. Josip Ilicic

29. Luiz Adriano and which other players are the only to have scored five goals in the Champions League match?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo
B. Lionel Messi
C. Ruud Van Nistelrooy
D. Gabriel Jesus

Answer: B. Lionel Messi

30. Who was the first Englishman to score a hat-trick in the competition?

A. Mike Newell
B. Andy Cole
C. Alan Shearer
D. Rio Ferdinand

Answer: A. Mike Newell

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