Bing Garden Quiz Answers

1. Protect your plants from frost with:

A. Plastic

B. Cloche

C. Netting

The correct answer: B. Cloche

2. You can use ____ as natural soap:

A. Honeysuckle petals

B. Carrot greens

C. Yucca roots

The correct answer: C. Yucca roots

3. Slugs and snails are:

A. Arachnids

B. Mollusks

C. Insects

The correct answer: B. Mollusks

4. Shepherds Purse is a part of the ____ family.

A. Mustard

B. Figwort

C. Mallow

The correct answer: A. Mustard

5. Western Brassicas include Brussels Sprouts and

A. Radishes

B. Cauliflower

C. Romaine

The correct answer: B. Cauliflower

6. In the United States Appalachian mountains, yucca plants are named:

A. Sword plant

B. Century plant

C. Meat hanger

The correct answer: C. Meat hanger

7. Cactus are:

A. Always thorny

B. Sometimes succulents

C. Hard to grow

The correct answer: B. Sometimes succulents

8. Diatomaceous earth will be able to:

A. Kill insects

B. Repel slugs

C. Both

The correct answer: C. Both

9. Alpines are the good plants for a:

A. Rock garden

B. Topiary

C. Terrarium

The correct answer: A. Rock garden

10. Alliums are:

A. Nightshades

B. Onions and garlic

C. Potatoes and tubers

The correct answer: B. Onions and garlic

11. Kinds of true roses include:

A. Rose of Sharon

B. Hybrid Tea Rose

C. Moss Rose

The correct answer: B. Hybrid Tea Rose

12. When you prune a yucca, you have to:

A. Use a machete

B. Wear a swimsuit

C. Protect your eyes and hands

The correct answer: C. Protect your eyes and hands

13. Pelargoniums come from:

A. Turkey

B. South Africa

C. Cuba

The correct answer: B. South Africa

14. Plant Alliums in:

A. Midsummer

B. Early Spring

C. Late autumn

The correct answer: B. Early Spring

15. Which of these men is a popular organic gardener?

A. Anthony Bahargul

B. Bob Ross

C. Bob Flowerdew

The correct answer: C. Bob Flowerdew

16. Xeriscaping is:

A. Replacing your lawn with naturalized flowers

B. Utilizing little or no fertilizer in your garden

C. Gardening with drought resistant plants

The correct answer: C. Gardening with drought resistant plants

17. Protect your veggies from the birds with:

A. Netting

B. Diatomaceous earth

C. White vinegar

The correct answer: A. Netting

18. A seedling without branches are able to be called a:

A. Twig

B. Whip

C. Shrub

The correct answer: B. Whip

19. A ____ can be described as a hirsute flower.

A. Boutonniere

B. Bearded Iris

C. Helenium

The correct answer: B. Bearded Iris

20. A small Japanese orange is called a:

A. Tangerine

B. Naranja

C. Kumquat

The correct answer: C. Kumquat

21. Plant spring flowering bulbs in:

A. Spring

B. Early autumn

C. Summer

The correct answer: B. Early autumn

22. If you want smooth rhubarb, you have to use:

A. Lemon juice

B. Epsom salts

C. Rhubarb forcer

The correct answer: C. Rhubarb forcer

23. The kind of Periwinkle known as Vinca is utilized in the treatment of:

A. Anxiety

B. Leukemia

C. Acne

The correct answer: B. Leukemia

24. In the winter you have to:

A. Stop feeding birds

B. Reduce bird feeding

C. Feed wild birds more

The correct answer: C. Feed wild birds more

25. Uncontrolled Japanese Bamboo:

A. Is acceptable in the wild areas

B. Can make you in trouble with the law in the United States

C. Makes a nice hedge

The correct answer: B. Can make you in trouble with the law in the United States

26. A poisonous flowering tree is the:

A. Laburnum

B. Oleander

C. Both

The correct answer: B. Both

27. Well-pruned roses:

A. Do not bloom

B. Can become stunted

C. Resist wind damage

The correct answer: C. Resist wind damage

28. Godzilla weed spreads:

A. Only through seed distribution

B. A full yard daily

C. Extremely slowly

The correct answer: B. A full yard daily

29. Lancashire is known for:

A. Red roses

B. Beatles

C. Both

The correct answer: A. Red roses

30. Tree ____ is utilized in the manufacture of cork.

A. Root

B. Pulp

C. Bark

The correct answer: C. Bark

31. If soil pH is not neutral, it can be:

A. Acidic

B. Alkaline

C. Either

The correct answer: C. Either

32. Another name for Japanese Knotweed is:

A. Lucky Bamboo

B. Mexican Yucca

C. Fleece flower

The correct answer: C. Fleece flower

33. Impatiens Walleriana is called:

A. Impatient Mary

B. Busy Lizzie

C. Pouting Pansy

The correct answer: B. Busy Lizzie

34. The carp most often kept in the garden ponds is a:

A. Koi

B. Black Moor

C. Comet

The correct answer: A. Koi

35. A good natural weed killer is:

A. Iron sulfate and baking soda

B. White vinegar and dish soap

C. Epsom salts and lavender oil

The correct answer: B. White vinegar and dish soap

36. This evergreen creates a tall, dense hedge:

A. Leyland Cypress

B. Castor Bush

C. Yucca Nana

The correct answer: A. Leyland Cypress

37. A garden dibble or dibber is utilized to:

A. Discover water

B. Plant small plants and seedlings

C. Attach name tags to plants

The correct answer: B. Plant small plants and seedlings

38. Hummingbirds drink the ____ of the flowers.

A. Honey

B. Dew

C. Nectar

The correct answer: C. Nectar

39. Fuchsia is named after Leonhart Fuchs who was a:

A. Physician/Botanist

B. Artist/ Botanist

C. Musician/Botanist

The correct answer: A. Physician/Botanist

40. An old-fashioned name for tomato is:

A. Ackee fruit

B. Red ruby

C. Love apple

The correct answer: C. Love apple

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