Q1. Suppose you see a color fringe around the edges of your subject. Which control is best for removing the fringe?

  •  Color Noise Reduction
  •  Remove Chromatic Aberration
  •  Split Toning
  •  Enable Profile Corrections

Q2. If you want to apply the same editing from one image to another, what should you use?

  •  metadata
  •  Image settings
  •  Edit settings
  •  Develop settings

Note: I just use synchronization. After digging into settings I was able only to discover Settings -> Copy settings.

Q3. Which module helps you create a printed photo album?

  •  Web
  •  Book
  •  Print
  •  Library

Q4. Review the image shown. What does the exclamation point adjacent to the thumbnail imply?

Linkedin Adobe Lightroom Assessment Answers

  •  The image has been edited in Photoshop.
  •  The photo is marked as picked.
  •  The photo needs at least one keyword.
  •  A photo is missing and needs to be relocated.

Reference (adobe.com)

Q5. Adjusting the exposure of a raw file by -1 is the equivalent of doing what in the camera?

  •  opening the aperture one f-stop
  •  closing the aperture one f-stop
  •  adjusting the ISO by +400
  •  adjusting the ISO by -400

Q6. Review the image below. Which option lets you manually straighten a photo by drawing a vertical or horizontal line?

Linkedin Adobe Lightroom Assessment Answers

  •  A
  •  B
  •  C
  •  D

Q7. Suppose you want to migrate a selection of images to another machine. How can you create a new catalog that contains a copy of all the images?

  •  Use the Export as Catalog command.
  •  When you back up the catalog, the images are backed up as well.
  •  Use the Export command.
  •  Use the Import from Another Catalog command.

Q8. Which Spot Healing Brush mode replaces an imperfection with an exact copy of pixels from another area?

  •  Patch mode
  •  Screen mode
  •  Healing mode
  •  Clone mode

Q9. When reviewing images, what task can be accomplished using the number keys?

  •  finding images
  •  printing images
  •  selecting images
  •  applying ratings

Q10. What's the easiest way to reuse your most recent custom export settings?

  •  Click File > Export with Previous.
  •  Click File > Export with Preset.
  •  Click File > Export as Catalog.
  •  Click File > Export Again.

Q11. In the image shown, what do the blue areas indicate?

Linkedin Adobe Lightroom Assessment Answers

  •  crushed details in the shadows
  •  a special effect applied to the image
  •  too little saturation in the image
  •  crushed details in the highlights

Q12. When exporting an image, which sharpening method is best for use on displays?

  •  Glossy Paper
  •  Screen
  •  Internet
  •  Matte Paper

Q13. Which Develop module panel lets you adjust an image based on a color range?

  •  HSL/Color
  •  Split Toning
  •  Calibration
  •  Basic

Q14. Which file type will work with the Enhance Details command?

  •  raw files
  •  PSD
  •  JPEG
  •  TIFF

Q15. Suppose that while using the Post Crop Vignetting tool, the Highlights slider is grayed out. What is the most likely cause?

  •  You are using the Paint Overlay style.
  •  You are editing a raw file.
  •  You are using the Color Priority style.
  •  You are using the Highlight Priority style.

Q16. In the image shown, what is the icon circled in yellow?

Linkedin Adobe Lightroom Assessment Answers - Adobe Lightroom Linkedin Quiz

  •  Virtual copy
  •  Synced with Lightroom
  •  Metadata conflict warning
  •  Missing photo

Q17. Which criteria CANNOT be used with a smart collection?

  •  Export Date
  •  Capture Date
  •  Rating
  •  Camera Serial Number

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